Laugh, Live, Love, Learn

Sometimes I take my life far too seriously. I forget to laugh. It all becomes too heavy so I fall out of love with myself. And with my life.

I find those days are getting less and less. Somewhere along the line I seem to have learned a better way of living. Today I wondered when that change happened. And what actually changed. I feel it’s important to understand the change because life could feel quite scary at the moment if I let it. I’m stepping into new challenges that are outside of my current comfort zone. I’m also feeling the effects of the fear energy flowing through our global community. Uncertainty seems to be everywhere I look. People are wobbly. Life is shifting us all onwards. That’s why a good laugh is the thing to relieve the tension.

There have been a lot of laughs today. I was doing Spirit readings. Each visitor brought relatives who wanted to share the laughter energy with us. They brought a smile to my face too. It’s a lot easier to work with uplifting, supportive energy. Fear energy makes all of us feel heavy. Weighed down. The gift from these loves ones was humour. A form of love energy that humans can share with one another more freely. Laughter can cut across boundaries, beliefs and language. Laughter can gently remind us that life tips us upside down yet we still get up for more.

As I thought about the laughter being shared I recognised that I had learned to laugh at myself. The change I wanted to understand was that I had learned to stop taking myself seriously.

In fact I had learned to love myself for taking life too seriously. And forgive myself when I did. After all it’s up to me how I experience life. No one else has a say in what I think and feel. Unless I let them influence me. Or accept their judgements of me. So I can laugh instead of get stressy when unexpected events happen. I can let myself have lots of goes at perfecting my prototypes. I can giggle, gurgle and chuckle about the things I’ve turned from a positive to a negative. And best of all I can share the laughs.

To laugh together is a great sharing of positive energy. Not a laugh at someone else’s expense. But a genuine recognition of the fact that sometimes I or you will do silly, daft or amusing things. When I laugh along with others, when we all see the joke, the positive flow of energy leaves us in a glow of love. Love of shared experiences. Love of fellow humans. And the blessing of loving ourselves enough to laugh in a world that sometimes seems to have gone mad.  I’m still not sure when I learned this wonderful skill but I know I will use it as much as possible now. Perhaps it’s a sign of returning to a child-like state of mind. Oh the wisdom of being young!

Day 439 of my blogging challenge.

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