Late, Very Late, But Going With It!

lateI’m sitting here, fingers flying, with the words of the White Rabbit running round in my head. I’m late, late for a very important date. My date is with my blog so that it squeezes in by the end of today.

I usually write later at night because my blog helps me to clear my mind of all of the energy of the day. As I sit thinking about my day, looking for a topic to write about, I weigh up what has stood out for me. What have been my highs and lows as I’ve gone through my day. But as the time creeps on I get worried that I might be late. Not because I can’t let myself post after midnight. I’ve had to do that before when circumstances made posting on the day difficult. It’s more about professional pride. And determination. I want to do what I said I would do. Post a blog every single day.

Being late was the tone of my whole day. I got up later than expected. Running an errand to another local town I was later than anticipated thanks to two sets of pop up roadworks. That made me later returning home. There were some other things I needed to do. And I had a deadline for my article in our local Valley Life magazine. That had to be in by midnight too. I know that my editor would have given me a pass into tomorrow. But again it’s down to professional pride. And sticking to what I have promised. I could argue that doing all these other things made my blog late. However, I’m going with the idea that being a bit later gives me a lot less time to quibble or agonise over what I write.

Lateness as a form of incentive then. I love blogging, writing and doing all sorts of stuff. My day has been wonderful. It’s worth me reminding myself that it’s ok to get snarled up with time. That it will all work out perfectly if I let in. So tonight I’m letting myself be late – but wonderful!

Day 709 of my blogging challenge

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