Last Push Before the New

Since yesterday I have been feeling the last energy push of this year. It’s a final gentle blast to make sure we are ready for new beginnings.

I’ve been aware all year that I have been facing my fears. It’s been a roller-coaster ride of feelings, experiences and events. Yet I’m also aware that I’ve been letting go of all sorts of old stuff too. So I’m feeling lighter and brighter and looking forward to so much more positive energy. There were some tears this afternoon. A great way to release old feelings. And an interesting discussion with my daughter. I also found myself making the push to do a little dimension jumping too.

I love being able to take a peek into other lifetimes, other realms and other possibilities. This afternoon I was watching Brian Cox explain about the latest ideas in science concerning the multiverse. Of course anyone opening up their psychic abilities soon finds out that travelling to other dimensions is a reality. No spaceship required. And it’s not limited to the speed of light either. Deciding that this last push of energy was too good an opportunity to waste I settled down to take a little look across the realms. It appears all the energy work I’ve been doing has paid off. I had an interesting visit.

Pushed back to my home world I am excited about the possibilities we now have. All it takes is imagination and belief.

In the next few days I have the chance, in this final push of energy, to confirm my plans for the new year. It’s important that I go ahead wholeheartedly. There is no time for doubt, fear or worry. All I choose will be delivered if I am clear and determined about what I want. Because that is always the way with new energy. It is there for me to use whatever way I wish. So making my intentions firm is a must. And I am ready to jump into every new experience with enthusiasm. To push myself along.

The key to the next ten years is that I am willing to push myself as far outside my comfort zone as possible. To grab all the positive energy that will be flowing around. To love myself enough not to hold myself back from exciting and interesting times. Are you ready to make the last push of this year? Will you embrace all of the New that enters your life next year? Have you stopped holding yourself back? I hope so. I would love to have your company on my journey. Together we can all change the world in a thousand small ways. Working with peace and love in our hearts I know we can change the bigger things too. Here’s to an amazing journey ?

Day 408 of my blogging challenge.

2 thoughts on “Last Push Before the New

  1. That is beautiful, Anne. I fully resonate with you and what you say ? . Thank you. I intend to do the same . What about getting in touch often and being accountable for each other to make sure that we do follow our intentions up? Much love ❤ & blessings to you x

  2. Thank you Eva, I’m glad that my blog made sense for you. It would be lovely to keep in touch with you and see how many adventures we can explore in 2017. One of mine is to start a video blog. The first one is being recorded to go live on my You Tube tomorrow. Another step outside my comfort zone. As well as the Inspired 2 Write 28 day challenge I’m starting on Facebook too. I’d love to share my year with you & find out about your new challenges ❤️

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