The Last Energy Shifts of 2016

img_2302I’ve had a great day doing Spirit readings. I love making connections for people. In a quiet moment I took an opportunity to ask my Guides if I needed to know anything about the end of my year. Get ready for the shifts they told me.

What shifts? Not more energy turbulence surely. I protested – haven’t we had enough already this year? For most of the year I’ve been speaking and writing about the waves of energy being beamed at us. All designed to get us ready for the shifts that need to happen next year. I’m very aware that this is an ending year. Numerologically it’s a nine meaning endings. As I work on nines personally I have certainly felt the increased force and ups or downs of the energy flows. There have been so many endings as I have cleared my personal energy. Pushed to it really by the force of the waves of powerful change energy blasting at us. I’ve faced down my fears and done it anyway.

I’m also very aware that it’s not only me dealing with endings. All year I have been hearing from people who have been experiencing big shifts in energy too. As it’s a Universal and global shift of consciousness everyone has been affected. No wonder the fear has been surfacing from the shadow side of humanity. So it’s really important to understand what our choices are. I have worked this year to get myself to love myself. To clear out all the low vibrational energy that I have been carrying. Staying positive, sending and receiving love has been my main focus. So I’ve arrived at November only slightly battered by the events of my year. No wonder I felt rather dismayed to find out I still have three more energy waves to ride out.

That’s been the information from my Guides this week. They want me to be ready to love myself enough to stay calm and trust in myself and the flow of abundance.

There is a lot at stake. 2017 is a year of new beginnings. To make the most of the energy next year I have to feel free to choose new things. Getting out of old patterns is vital. Otherwise I might let old fears limit what I do. That would have an impact on my work for many years because I would miss a real chance to be much more effective. My Guides want me to make the most of the last blasts. So they have asked me to be especially kind to myself on 14th, 15th and 16th November, 9th December and 27th December. The energy shifts will bring more wobbles across the globe. And in my life too. The best way to deal with them is be ready for them.

I know I have to stay grounded and protect my energy. I also have to connect with all of the positive and loving energy I can. It’s also good that I am leaving my future to take care of itself. I don’t know what 2017 will bring. It’s still hidden in the mist. Until the fog clears I’m happy to wait and see. The shifts that are coming up in 2017 will be a surprise but in a way that’s very exciting. I feel a lot of freedom is involved and I’m happy to move away from trying to control my life. The tests of the last days of 2016 are all about me trusting. Trusting me and trusting the Universal energy to be in the right place at the right time. So keep calm, meditate, love yourself and get ready for a new life.

Day 356 of my blogging challenge.

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