Land: Exploring, Reading & Repairing Energy

LandNext weekend I’m off exploring the land again. I love visiting different places and tuning in to the energy I find. Sometimes I’m also the channel for sending healing energy into Mother Earth.

It’s a piece of work more of us could do if we wished. And there are many people who do want to. But where to start? I feel lucky that my claresentience, feeling the non-physical energy, is one of my strengths. Because it’s the way I sense and translate what is all around me. It’s also the first sense I used when I became aware that my Guides were trying to contact me. Exploring that sense got me into ‘reading’ the energy of buildings, land and many, many places. And that’s when I discovered I could call in healing energy to rebalance places that were in need of positive vibrations. Or to clear the stuck energy keeping a place heavy or weighed down.

What I have learned is that what mattters is what you intend. And if you pay attention to the energy around you you can decide to leave positive energy where you have been. I’ve certainly visited places where negative energy has collected. And plenty of places where my energy has been recharged by the positive feel of that building, place or land. Sorting out which is which is fairly easy. So long as I keep my attention on my intuitive senses. It’s like a gut reaction. And I’m certain most of us feel that reaction but ignore it. So when I go somewhere new I notice how I feel. Happy? Sad? Heavy? Energised? Flat? Or that I want to get away as quickly as possible. Sometimes the energy is mixed. Because many people might have been in that place. Each one leaving a different energy charge.

The land and everything on it soaks up the energy we transmit. If too much low vibrational energy has collected then it will feel like an uncomfortable place to be.

When I get that signal I know that I can help clear the stuck energy. I ask my Guides and all the other Energy Beings to help me. Then I try to find a quiet place where I can open up my healing energy. Preferably somewhere where I can place my hands on the affected land, building or structure. Although I have also asked for the energy to be sent through me and transmitted through my feet if need be. And if it’s very busy I can do my work walking around too. I focus on the desire to transfer loving, positive energy into the place. Then I move from spot to spot if necessary. Usually I get warm as the energy starts to flow through me and I know it’s going to do what’s necessary.

I love feeling the lighter energy of the land as the low vibratonal energy clears. When it feels like everything is back in balance the healing energy will switch off. What I like the best is that everyone visiting that place will find more positive energy. It feels like a good way to spread more light into the world. I also encourage people to think about the energy they are carrying around. I believe we are all connected so I can ‘share’ my energy, whatever I am feeling, just by being in that loop. Also in the loop is the place we happen to occupy at any moment. If I am blasting out anger, fear, sadness or any other low vibrational energy it’s going everywhere. Including the land. That’s why intention is so important. Helping myself to share positive energy keeps the land from collecting any negative energy from me.

Now all I need to do is remember I can help the land by helping myself stay in a state of wellbeing. And every time I visit somewhere new I can bring the loving energy with me to keep Mother Earth in balance.

Day 647 of my blogging challenge 

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