Knowing I Have Backup

I always record my readings. It’s a kind of backup. The Spirit people often fill the time with so much information it’s impossible to remember it all clearly.

I learned to offer recordings because of my own experiences. Too many times I would walk out of a reading thinking I’d rember it all only to find I couldn’t. Trying to write things down also meant I missed such a lot too. So when I began offering readings I decided to also issue a CD to each person. The backup of a recording meant that my client could relax and listen. That made for a better flow of energy. And the evidence for the exsistence of an Afterlife was there to be listened to as well. It’s not a glitch free system, especially as I’m a bit of a technophobe, but it’s something I do that I feel adds value to the service I can give.

I also appreciate that the Spirit people who come along are happy to have their messages recorded as well. There is a long history within Spiritualism of Spirit interaction with all sorts of technologies to give some kind of evidence of their existence. Whether it’s photographs, chalk slates, electronic voice recording, Ouija boards or drawing and writing, they want to let us know they are there. All sorts of backup methods have been designed too. Ways to remove the possibility of human interference. Things like the use of heat sensors, night vision cameras, trigger objects. All to record that the Spirit people are still present in our lives.

There is another way they provide me with backup. My Guides make sure I know they are around to help me if I need it.

If the energy for a reading needs a boost. When I need a bit of healing for myself. Or a message to inspire me to consider all the options. Even a white feather when I least expect it. And Especially when I’m teaching so that I can tailor the session to the neeeds of my students. In lots of ways every day my Guides show me they are providing backup. Their protective presence helps me to do the best I can for the people who I need to connect with. My Guides also keep a close eye on my energy levels. They will stop me if they feel I’m doing too much.

No matter what the situation I feel surrounded by loving kindness from my Guides. They have given me so much wise advice. Helped me to bring myself through some very tough times. Reminded me again and again to laugh, live, love and enjoy. The best bit is that they confirm, again and again, that everyone has Guides. Spirit loved ones who want to be the backup for their relatives and friends. All we have to do is give them permission to be around us. I am open to help from anywhere. That’s why my Guides are around me so much. If you need backup remember your loved ones will be watching your back too. Ask them to send you the signs and messages that they are there. Everyone deserves backup.

Day 476 of my blogging challenge.

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