Know Thyself: A Great Name For A Spiritual Centre

Know ThyselfI’ve been on a round trip. An excursion into myself. I’ve been to visit Know Thyself Spiritual Centre in Ulverston, run by my friend Maxine, to read my book for other people.

I set this up a while ago when I was thinking about how best to share my book with others. Maxine kindly volunteered her Centre as a place for me to offer snippets of what I had written. Of course I wasn’t expecting the weather to be particularly wintery nor Storm Caroline sweeping in from the Arctic. But driving up to the Lake District this evening I did wonder what the journey was going to be like. Very easy as it happened. But like all things in life a journey to make me think. Because Know Thyself is exactly what all of us are required to learn to do. Only then can we make the journey an easy one for ourselves.

It still feels strange to read my own words aloud to other people. Sitting in the calm and peace of Know Thyself I was listening to my own thoughts and feelings, captured on the page in front of me. Finding more meaning in those words because I could hear how they sounded outside my head. Discussing what they meant to me now with the people who were hearing them for the first time. Writing has been a journey into myself. Driving home I thought about the discussion we had. The questions my words had prompted. Not only in me but in the listeners too. What a wonderful way to search for the secrets inside of me. Inside of all of us. I am sure we contain all of the wisdom necessary for this life. But we have to look deeper inside to bring it into use.

Today I feel I have had an opportunity to get to know me a bit better. I have had space and time to explore what’s inside and discover another aspect of me. Annie the author listening to Annie the medium. Know Thyself is certainly a great name for a spiritual centre. I feel I know myself better after my visit there. After all, that is the heart of my spiritual journey.

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