A Kind Donation of Love

One of the things I love about my work is that I can do what I want when I want. So if someone needs a listening ear I can offer to listen. Every now and again I am surprised by a kind donation that represents a return of what has been given.

I would love to do what I do for free. However, that’s not a realistic approach. I have to pay my bills for my Centre too. So I do charge for some of my services. Yet when I can I love to listen when someone needs a bit of space to explore their life. To help them make sense of what is happening. To provide a fresh pair of eyes, as it where, so that knots can be untangled. Or patterns identified and understood. It’s my donation to them. A little bit of loving kindness can make such a difference. I certainly know the benefit to me of all those listening ears who gave me time and space.

Becoming a counsellor was one of the ways I hoped I could donate back the kindness. As a medium I also find that I can give back some of what was donated to me. It’s a kind of pay it forward initiative. Because once you have had loving kindness given to you then you realise how much a moment of someone’s time matters. What a difference it can make. I wanted to write about this today as someone very kindly made a cash donation to the Centre. They didn’t put their name to it. Although I have a suspicion who it is. Their kindness means I can put the money towards the bills. And the Centre can continue to be a place where people find a listening ear.

All too often I find that giving comes with strings attached. People want a return. It’s what we have been conditioned to expect.

Though I feel we are not very authentic about acknowledging that either. Often there is a feeling of obligation attached, whether real or assumed, that gets in the way of the transaction. That’s why I find it makes more sense to people if they feel they are paying for a service. Then they can choose to spend the money or not. Yet there are times when I know I have felt I couldn’t afford a particular treatment or that to take something for free would make me indebted to the person giving their time. What strange attitudes we have about giving and taking. Even a donated service or funds can stir up strong feelings.

I now realise that my donation of time is a contribution to the flow of energy exchanges going on around me. So why wouldn’t it come back to me in some way or other. How wonderful that someone feels strongly enough to contribute to me in some way. It doesn’t necessarily have to be money. A kind word, a few minutes of someone’s time, a helping hand to tidy up. All of these donations share the love back to me. Even better, they encourage me to share more love. They are the signal that the flow of energy is a circle. A circle that I can donate to and receive back from at any time.

I love the phrase ‘Random acts of kindness’. Today my benefactor gave me a random act of kindness. I’m going to use that kindness in a way that will pass the gift on to the next person. The love will go around and around and around ❤️

Day 418 of my blogging challenge.

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