Keeping Track Of Paperwork

I have to say paperwork is not my most favourite thing. Yet today I needed to do some. I badly needed to sort out all the bits and pieces cluttering my side desk.

I’m a bit of a hoarder. All sorts of receipts, invoices and bills wait in a heap to be sorted. Until the pile seems to have a mind of it’s own. Then it throws itself across all sorts of other things. The book I’ve put to one side to read. Healing records. Workshop notes and course exercises. Business cards to be filed. Until there is a mish mash of paper floating all over the desk. And of course I end up spending ages trying to find the one bank statement my accountant needs right now. I know I could be tidier. More organised. Kinder to the paperwork.

I also know that I’m expecting a lot from myself to do that. Because paperwork takes up time I could spend doing something more exciting. So I suppose I resent it a little. It should be organised enough to get into neat little piles all by itself. Petrol receipts in one. Utility bills in another. Amazon order invoices in a third. Then when I was filing it I wouldn’t be spending ages sorting it all out. Believe me I can spend ages. Mainly because I leave this task for a month. Well maybe three. Or even more. When I sat and thought about it today my resistance only makes this small task much more of a mountain.

I was also thinking about the ‘paperwork’ of life today. Whenever I move address I have so many places to notify. All so that the necessities of life continue. And the bills can find me.

I wondered if it was the same for my Spirit. Is there a great big pile of paperwork tracking my very existence as a human being? Do I have to file reports regularly? What happens with some one like me who is a bit sloppy with the paperwork? I was quite intrigued. I had a vision of my Guides throwing their hands up in horror every time they were asked to provide my completed Human Experience Monthy Report. Of the panic setting in as they realised I was ten years behind in filing my Spiritual Progress Reviews. Of them sitting in team meetings saying that I seemed to be getting the hang of things whilst they had their fingers, toes and everything else crossed.

In a way the paperwork tracks my progress. On a business or personal level by recording my achievement of certain tasks. So I’m sure that my spiritual progress is being tracked too. And not only by my Guides. I want to know that I am getting the most out of being human. When I look back I’d like to be able to see myself growing and evolving through my experiences. To note that I can handle things better than I once could. And to remind myself of what I still want to achieve. The piles of paper are worth organising because I know where I’ve been. Then I can decide where I still want to go. If I pay attention to them I can move myself forward. If only I could get the discipline I need!

Day 470 of my blogging challenge.

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