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imageYesterday after my blog I posted a picture I had made about stepping away from the ego mind so we could blossom. One of the conments I got on Facebook was the question ‘what other kind of mind is there?’. It’s an interesting question. We use the term ego to describe the focused, driving force of our mind. Of course there is no such physical part of the brain. The term ego is a construct, a model, described first by Sigmund Freud, to help us understand the workings of the mind. Freud had a model of the mind which is organised into three parts: the Id, the Ego and the Super Ego. The ID is the place of our basic drives – survival, food, sex, shelter, the Super Ego is the moral part of our thinking   or conscience and the Ego is the rational part trying to achieve balance between the other two parts. I feel that there is another part of our mind. The intuitive aspect which connects us to the energy flow that is all around us.

One of the things I know we can do is to tune into that intuitive information. It’s how I am able to ‘read’ psychic information about people and connect to Energy Beings. We all have this intuitive way of knowing and processing so it can be used any time we step away from the rational, logical ego mind. For me the connection to the intuitive information also means that I can pay attention to the Spirit energy that is within me. Philosophers have long debated what makes this clay overcoat a personality. Science has driven research down to individual cells to try to explain how electrical and chemical impulses build up into a personality, a concious being, aware and alive. We have many scientists trying to build artificial intelligence (robots, computers, even smart phones that respond to our questions) in order to understand what it is that disappears when we die. What spark stops when the body finally decays?

It’s a fascinating question. Perhaps it’s where we should be directing our attention if we want to understand how we might look at the world in a completely fresh way. The exploration of the intuitive mind has been going on but there is much less publicity given to the research or results. Often it seems that the idea of an intuitive or Spirit component to our mind or being is only discussed in religious terms. Stepping away from the different religious belief systems is important because I believe we can experience the intuitive mind for ourselves no matter what view we take about any Divine Being. If we start to acknowledge the intuitive info we are already getting we open up to noticing it more. As we do so there is finally a space for the ‘still, small voice’ of our Spirit to speak. This is the part that encourages us to connect to one another, to recognise the community of the whole human race and to work from a higher, altruistic, perspective. Of course the Ego mind will try to get in the way. It doesn’t like to be of service if that is going to put us at risk.

I have always believed that we are here for a reason. As I’ve learned to recognise my intuitive mind and to follow it’s prompts I am sure I have been of more service to others than I might have been if I stayed safe inside my ego mind. I hope you can also live life positively from your intuitive mind. It really is the only way to change and change the world.

Day 170 of my blogging challenge.

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