Intuitive Energy Awareness

One of the themes today has been about our awareness of our own intuitive energy. Helping people to connected with their intuitive senses is a big part of my life.

I guess that’s because it took me most of my life to even begin to explore outside of my Ego mind. So realising that I had an Intuitive mind that processed information too, just not the kind I’d been used to, meant a big jump in my awareness of who I was. Finding that I actually had intuitive psychic senses that collected the information was a bit of a game changer too. I wanted to know why I hadn’t been told about my natural senses. And why I was left to figure it out for myself. Remember, this was the time before I’d got a clear connection to my Guides. So everything was extremely hazy. I admit I felt a bit lost with it all.

As I struggled to understand and make sense of this new stream of information I also had to think about how it was happening. That’s when I started to learn about me properly. Of course I am a physical being. I can touch, sense and interact with my body. Accepting that I have an aura, layers of energy vibrating at different rates, I can expand my ‘self’ to take in a lot more layers. Then I have to add in an Ego mind plus an Intuitive mind. That’s a lot of awareness to take on board. Putting them all together I can see that there is a lot involved in being me. Because next I have to add in the presence of my Spirit somewhere in this energy cocktail. Phew! Is that all of it?

Once again I had to expand my awareness. My whole system runs on energy. I am a flow of vibrations with a solid middle. Particle or wave?

And what about all that energy. What is it doing? The middle bit is sort of stuck. Vibrating so slowly that I see myself as solid. Then I’m a particle. But the other layers of my Russian doll are vibrating much faster. They connect with the Russian doll layers of Energy being given out by other people. That’s how I get intuitive information about them. So I’m a wave. Connecting with other waves. Creating energy as we crash or splash together. Their waves disrupt my flow. And my waves disrupt their flow. My Intuitive mind is processing the wave information. It’s telling me a different story than the one my physical senses are listening too. That’s why I know when someone’s surface is different from their inner energy.

An awareness of the wave or particle nature of my existence has helped me to embrace my intuitive senses. I enjoy having access to two sorts of information about the world. If I can’t make sense of something one way I can always look at it from the other direction. In fact I’ve learned that my Intuitive mind is much more trustworthy. What it tells me is usually spot on. My Ego mind might be fooled  but my intuition never is.  So the journey into an awareness of my intuitive abilities has brought me a much greater understanding of who I am and the reality I live in. I hope you can make the time to explore your intuitive side ?

Day 462 of my blogging challenge. 

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