One to One Intuitive Development

img_2359It’s been a kind of float along day. After a night of interdimensional travelling and prepearing for tonight’s physical mediumship circle I needed a gentle energy flow. So it was great to do some healing work and some intuitive development.

Although I love teaching in small groups or workshops one of my favourite ways of offering development is with one to one sessions. Getting over the barriers of disbelief, distrust and doubt about my intuitive abilities was really hard. I had to clear a lot of stuck energy from my aura. As well as old feelings and beliefs. Although I enjoyed attending a development circle I didn’t always feel like I got my questions answered. There were a lot of us with questions and only a limited amount of time each week. When my Guides asked me to help others develop I realised that I wanted to offer one to one opportunities.

However, it took me quite a few years to gain enough confidence to offer them as an actual route into development. It seemed to me that people were much more used to being part of a group. And I hadn’t quite worked out how someone would practice readings if they were only working with me. I also felt that I didn’t have a framework that I could offer. Having developed my mediumship rather more intuitively than in a structured way I somehow thought I should offer something with a logical order. It took me a few years to realise that what I had to offer was exactly what I had learned. Development of intuitive abilities is a process. But not a ridgid one. There is no right or wrong way to go about it.

In fact I was reminded very often by my Guides that I had to start from where people are. I do that in my workshops anyway. Offering one to one work would surely be based on the same idea.

Encouraged to give it a try I am very grateful for the people who became my guinea pigs. They helped me to work out individual bits of the process so that I could step someone through the exploration of their abilities in a way that was both personal and right for them. I became much more excited about this way of working with someone too. Giving my whole time and attention to one student meant that they got the best of me that I could give. Each session could flow intuitively from one to the next. Blocks and limitations could be worked through in private. Best of all, their Guides could prompt me with whatever development work was needed each time.

I also found that I could do this work with people online. Of course, it makes sense that energy work is not restricted by time and space. But it takes a while for that to sink in when you are used to a material version of reality. Being able to work with someone anywhere in the world was good for me. It meant I had to think about cultural and social differences. It also meant that I used all sorts of different models of development. In fact it reopened my Shamanistic, Wiccan and Buddhist experiences alongside Spiritualism and one or two other models of developing intuition.

I enjoy helping people. It’s great to have another way of offering someone support whilst they learn about their intuition. And the end product is someone else ready to shine their Light in the world. I’d call that a win/win ?

Day 376 of my blogging challenge.

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