Why Intuition Matters To Me

The thread of my conversations today has been intuition. Who has it, why it matters and how to use it. Of course, since I started to live an intuitive life eleven years ago those questions have come up again and again.

When I first began my journey I thought that intuition was nothing more than the gut instinct I got from time to time. Occasionally I knew, somehow, what the best choice was for me. Or I got a feeling that something wasn’t right. It was a random ping in my mind with no real back up of why I felt that way. As I started to explore my psychic senses I was told over and over that these senses were a gift that only some people had. But probably or possibly not me. What matters about that advice was that it turned out to be wrong. Now I know, from my own experiences, that we all have psychic senses. They pick up information. If we pay attention to that information we can make better choices.

At the moment I have to make decisions about what I’m going to be doing next year. Because I pay attention to my intuition I have a strong sense of knowing what will be best for me or not. Often I hear myself saying what I’m going to do before it clicks with me what is right. In my head I’m nodding away thinking that something I’ve only just heard myself say is exactly the best plan. Then if I’m not completely sure, if my ego is wobbling, I have a second use for my intuition. I can ask my Guides. That is one of the best things to emerge from using my intuition. My psychic senses connect with the Energy Beings who want to help me have a happy, purposeful life. They can have a say too.

I don’t rely on them to make my choices. But I am grateful when they confirm that I am making the best choice for now. What matters is that they can encourage me to try something new.

I take a lot of comfort from the fact that these loving beings want to help me. Even though I know I’m the only one responsible for my decisions. And that sometimes I get it completely wrong. However, I usually know quite quickly that I’ve made a false step. Then my intuition and my Guides can help me find a way to change to a more positive track. In the end, what matters most is paying attention to what I feel not what I think. To let inspiration come in through my thoughts and to check how I feel about that. When I feel passionate, excited and ready to leap into something I know it will be a good choice for me.

Even if it doesn’t end up feeling what I expected it to be like. Or being different than I thought. Because I’m here to evolve and grow. So sometimes I need the bigger challenges to help me be all I can be. And that’s the final use for intuition. If I let myself follow the prompts of my psychic senses I will learn so much about myself and my abilities than I thought possible. I’m going to keep paying attention to the psychic information. The last eleven years have been an interesting journey. I want more growth. More excitement. And more chances to help people just as my Guides have helped me.

If you find me sitting quietly with a distant look on my face you can be sure I’m tuning in to the energy flow. My intuition and I will be having an interesting conversation about what’s next.

Day 389 of my blogging challenge.

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