Introducing A New Guide: Beginning A Relationship

introducingI’ve know for a little while that my Guide Team was shuffling about. It’s happened before and I’m sure it will happen again. Yet it always makes me a little on edge. Because Introducing a new Guide takes time. Because we have to make a relationship that will work so that I can carry on doing my spiritual work.

I think my team started introducing this particular guide about four month ago. To be honest it could have been much longer as I’m sometimes a bit reluctant to acknowledge that things are changing. I can trust the team members I already know. Someone new might not be as easy to work with. Or know all my likes and dislikes. A new guide might also think that s/he can tell me what to do. Or want me to do work that I’m not confident about doing well. Really, it’s like any other new relationship. Lots of doubts, false starts and a period of really getting to know one another. It takes time. And I can be really impatient to get on with what I’m supposed to be doing.

That’s the issue. Introducing a new guide means that my work will also be changing. So I hold on to what I already know I can do. And try to run away from what I’m being asked to do in the future. Tonight my new guide, Rafe, stepped in to help me with my live video broadcast. It seems he is going to work with me on my YouTube venture. But I hardly know him. Even though we have been testing one another out for the last four months. We are busy introducing some changes to my Guide Contract, negotiating working arrangements and trying to get a sense of who each of us is. It’s hard work! Starting a relationship is always a tricky venture when the person is physically in the world. And I find it’s even more so when hey are non-physical.

So I’m looking forward to some bonding, some clashes and some getting to know one another days. Working together means introducing new ways of communicating. As well as new things to do. So I’m delighted that he has finally given me a name I can use. It’s a trust thing. I’m excited that he is working with me. And I’m optimistic about our adventures together. Let the relationship begin!

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2 thoughts on “Introducing A New Guide: Beginning A Relationship

  1. This is so interesting .. I’ve met a guide recently and then the other night I heard this very deep deep voice like almost distorted and I asked who they were and said David. Not sure if this is a new guide even though I just met one recently. Any thought!? How many guides do come in and how often?

  2. Hi Elaina, thank you for commenting on my blog. We regularly change Guides as we improve out ability to connect because each new Guide can ‘stretch’ us in a new way, exactly like moving up a grade at school. New Guides offer more teachings, support for the new things we are trying to achieve and help us to release the limitations we have put on ourselves. Each Guide has an area of responsibility e.g. healing, writing, messages, working with animals so when we go up to the next grade we might have several new Guides all at once exactly like in a school where we get new teachers. Of course some Guides stay with us through several or all levels. But I prefer to think that anything new that I do means I might get a new Guide too. One with all the right skills for that task.

    I’ve put some links to my other blogs about Guides and hope they help you to work with the new members of you Guide Team <3

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