Interrupted Connection: Time To Be Quiet

InterruptedMy internet connection has been interrupted all day. The broadband has been dropping into and out of connection every time I’ve tried to do something online. That got me thinking.

Sometimes I experience times when my Spirit connection drops in and out too. Especially when I’m trying to find answers to my questions. And more especially if my mood has dropped. When my positivity had been interrupted by low vibrational feelings I find it less easy to maintain a steady link to my Guides. So much so that sometimes they feel to be completely out of contact. Now I know, just like a broadband signal, my Guides will still be there in the background. But something will be creating a bit of interference to muddle up the connection. Of course, the biggest interference is coming from me. I have forgotten to still myself. And be silent. So that I can still pick up the faint echoes that are always there.

Only by admitting my distractions, low mood or that I am asking too much can I do anything to boost the connection again. A bit like too many people using the same broadband at one time will slow things down. My busy thoughts and low feelings can overwhelm the link I have to my Guides. Yet if I can settle into the silence, be quiet for a while, I can let those thoughts and feelings unwind. Until I reach a point where my mind is open and receiving not busy and cluttered. Just like a broadband signal being reset. Then I am able to send and recieve once more at lightening speed. Occasionally the signal is still interrupted but I remind myself that the energy around me will also have an influence on the ease of connection.

A very good point for right now when people tend to be more stressed than usual. That applies to me too. I’m swimming in the same background energy. Fortunately I will soon be able to retreat into the quiet of my home once more and restore my connections. Have you planned any time to be quiet yet?

Day 754 of my blogging challenge

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