Instagram installed!

imageSome days the work I do is a challenge to me as much as to the person I’m treating, reading for or counselling. A lot of years ago when I started out as a counsellor someone told me you get the clients you need not want. Today has made me think of that again.

You see, I’ve installed the Instagram app. My lovely friend Jan said it was a great way to share my artwork and even videos. Never one to back down from a challenge I decided that I would give it a go. Me, the technophobic social media and website operator, taking on another app to master. What on earth was I thinking!

I made a plan. I would have my iPad in the Centre so in between callers I could get up to speed with Instagram. Then I would set up an account and consider the job done. Of course I already have four websites, a web page, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Ning and umpteen other social media ‘things’. I’m including What’s App which I installed and have struggled to make sense of. I really need a teenager to explain it to me. Anyway, on with the plan.

Like a lot of my plans it was derailed at once. I had people to see, a group to run and Reiki to do. I also had a reading, counselling and a Skype session of mediumship development.

As I put aside my iPad I found myself dealing with emotions that were as much mine as they were of the people I saw. Each person today has made me remember my own feelings as I faced similar situations in my life. Each person needed to get an opportunity to voice their feelings in a safe space. Each person needed to know that I heard their voice. And each person needed me to be brave enough to acknowledge what they were feeling even if they couldn’t.

I am honoured to share my day with people who have been brave enough to look inward.  I know that isn’t an easy thing to do. It’s something I have been doing for several years now so I do understand how hard it is. Sharing their journey with each person I have been able to see progress I have made too. The opportunity to look at and notice my own journey is a gift they have given me which I willingly received.

How does this tie in with Instagram? I have a load of apps and software on my various devices. Some have been easy to learn, some have been a bit more of a ‘won’t be beaten by this’ effort and some have been ‘what was I thinking? Never again!’

It’s like dealing with feelings. I can let some go with ease or there are those that take a bit more effort and sometimes those that get stuck. Then I have to work harder to remove the ‘software’ that has cluttered up my devices. Because installing or feeling things is easy. Deleting or releasing can be a loop that ends up going round and round.

I tend to get stuck when the uninstall ends up leaving bits of connections still live. I once had a Kodak printer connected to my PC. I’ve removed all the software I can find as the printer is long gone. But a window pops up every now and again to ask me if I want to get the latest Kodak update. It’s the same with my feelings. I think I’ve uninstalled the grief. After all I’ve moved on in my life haven’t I? Today it was clear to me I still have random pop ups ready to take me by surprise.

But I won’t be beaten – by software or life. I am good at persevering. I will find a way to delete the old, stuck energy. Thank you once again to all the lovely people who showed me today that it’s a journey we are all on. Now I’m off to try that Instagram thingy once again. Wish me luck!

Day 241 of my blogging challenge.

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