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img_2369When life sends you lemons it’s time to make lemonade! Today has been a bit of a bumpy day for one reason or another. So I feel really glad that I have a new challenge coming up.

If you have been following my blog you may know that I began writing every day because of a challenge. Last November I was asked if I would try to write a blog a day for 30 days. Part way through that challenge I realised I was inspired so much by what I was doing that I wanted a bigger target. That’s why I’m still writing after a year of blogging every day. As I’ve chatted to people about what got me off and running with my writing I’ve discovered there are lots more people like me. I have stopped and started quite a few times. Somehow the consistency never seemed to happen.

Until I got the right challenge for me. Now I can’t go to sleep if I haven’t done my blog. And I look for every opportunity to do more writing. I scribble away at bits and pieces whenever I get a chance in the day. I don’t know what these scraps will turn into but I love that I’m catching my thoughts somehow. Recently my lovely fellow writer Emma suggested that it was time for another challenge. Would it be possible to run a blog challenge so people would be inspired to try to write for a period of time? It got me thinking. The idea got me excited. As it ticked away in the back of my mind I was already saying yes, yes, yes.

As with all things inspired both my brain and my Guides wouldn’t let it rest. What a wonderful idea. Find a group of people and help them to find their writing voice.

Last week as I was trying to go to sleep the whole plan came together in my mind. Then when I mentioned it to several people I got a very positive response. It seems my plan has potential. Over the last few days I’ve been working on the nuts & bolts of how I could offer this dare out to everyone. Now I have it all organised because today I needed a positive distraction from some less than positive news. That’s one of the benefits of an intuitive approach. Distractions that produce a positive outcome are everywhere. They work to give me time to process and deal with less positive things.

So what am I setting up? I will be creating a Facebook group for 30 people to join. Anyone who joins will be able to post their writing to the group with the aim of doing a piece every day for 28 days. I will read all the posts and encourage comments and feedback. So I will also post hints and tips to help everyone keep going. I am hoping that by the end of the challenge everyone will have done at least four blog length pieces they can use. Anyone can join in. They don’t have to have a blog already. It’s really about the willingness to write. I’m looking forward to people finding their own voices. And to reading some great content. It all starts on the first of January!

Day 381 of my blogging challenge.

2 thoughts on “Inspired 2 Write – Challenge Time

  1. Dear Annie,
    I feel blessed that I have come to know you through Bradley’s 30Day Content Challenge last year.
    Look where it has led us to: a completely brand new 28 Day Challenge: What’s your Story?
    Count me in. Let me know your feedback on the theme. I feel it’s both broad enough and personal enough for anyone to take off with that, regardless experience. We all have a story to tell. There is no such thing as a boring story or a boring life.
    I am a little bit iffy about the start day of Jan. 1st. It’s a Sunday and a New Year’s Day holiday, plus we have to think about the Ozzies who hit the New Year Day first before us. I don’t think the life-loving Ozzies would write on New Year’s Eve.
    I believe in the USA we’re going to be compensating for the Sunday Jan. 1 on Monday Jan.2.
    That brings us to framing the 28Day Challeng: What’s your Story? from Jan. 3 to Jan. 30.
    I am just taking into consideration the timing of Bradley’s 30 Day Content Challenge that hit a major holiday in the USA Thanksgiving and all the catastrophies in the world (we cannot predict those, but the holidays we can.)
    Catching up on posting was hell. Ask other participants.
    Let me know your thoughts on the timing and the theme and other logistics.
    Gratefully yours,
    Emma, the challengee and the challenger (LOL)

  2. Hi Emma, thank you for the detailed discussion we ad about the challenge. Not long now before we get started! ?

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