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SeascapeD1I wrote my blog yesterday about being creative. I’d spent some time working on a video for my You Tube channel because my Guides love giving me inspirational words. And I love adding them to the photos & pictures I’ve done. I share them on my Facebook page so that people can stumble on them & get a pick me up of positive energy. For some time now my Guides have been chasing me to get more involved in my video & podcast efforts so the positive energy they blast into me can go out to a wider audience. So today I’m sharing my video as my agreement with them to step up to the job they want me to do.


If you have been reading my blogs you will know I believe in a world where energy matters. Where we can influence the energy flow by how we are in our own energy. I would like to contribute positive energy as much as humanly (lol) possible so that I grown the amount of Spirit Light that is going around the energy ocean. If I can do that it might not make a big difference today. But in time what I give out will circulate around to people who need a blast of positive. They may then become positive energy transmitters themselves. If enough of us transmit the positive whilst loving our shadow energy then I believe we can change the world we live in. Peace, love, compassion is possible. We can do it for ourselves and our community who share the planet with us.

It’s time to be inspired. To create the positive even in the challenges. It is a new world we are building together. So share the positive energy! Have a look at what inspires you. Comment on the video as I’d love to know if it has helped.

Day 92 of my blogging challenge.

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