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jpsquoteThe theme today has been about treating people as you would like to be treated yourself. Some people know this as customer service, or courtesy or stepping into the other person’s shoes. I know that it’s a very hectic time. I understand that people get stressed because they have a lot to do before they can pause and take a day or two off. It’s been like this all month as people rush through December trying to match the standards we have accepted as part of our social conditioning. However, the festive season is like any other season so service to the best of my ability still is the order of my day.

I know I’m not perfect. I know that some people will be disappointed at what I can (or can’t) do for them. I realise that I can’t please all of the people all of the time. But I can pause for a moment and ask myself am I doing the best I can to appreciate their situation. It is always possible that be thinking about their needs I can at least meet them half way. I can show my understanding of their situation. In fact, I can work to exceed their expectations. I may end up not quite meeting those expectations but I can show that I cared enough to try.

I’m still suffering the effects of concussion that turned out to be not so mild as I thought. It’s as a result of an assault on me last Saturday. I share this only to explain that this evening I was visited by a police constable who was hoping to gather a bit more evidence than had been available so far. We often talk about our police forces as the ‘baddies’ of the system. Sometimes they are. They are all too human. Mistakes happen. However, this officer was understanding, listened and was honest. There is very little they can do to find out who the responsible person is but the officer took the time to talk to me about what had happened. I really appreciated his visit because it actually did exceed my expectations.

Earlier in the day I had several examples of people who disappointed my expectations. I could make the excuse that they probably have a lot more going on for them in their lives than I know about. I’m sure that is true – just as they didn’t know about my situation. I could also say that failing to recognise the importance of how I was feeling was probably an oversight in people who wouldn’t normally behave like they did. I’m well aware that I’m guilty of doing the same from time to time. We all are. So how do we move from creating the impression in someone that we really don’t care if they have spent their time & money on what we promised to deliver but didn’t? And does it really matter? If we are meant to be our authentic selves, shadow side and all, can’t we do exactly as we please?

When my daughter was very young she called the place of the afterlife the ‘pink perfect’. I asked lots and lots of questions of my Guides about this place. I really wanted to understand why we had Earth when we could have the pink perfect instead. They talked to me about spiritual choices. It isn’t enough to say we love everyone and everything unconditionally. We actually have to carry that out by our actions. We have to recognise our pettiness, our desire for our own agenda ahead of anyone else’s. We need to see the consequences of our choices come all the way back to us. It isn’t enough to ask Santa to bring us lots of lovely stuff because we have been really good if we have our fingers crossed behind our back to cancel out the lie. So when we offer a service or a product, out time or energy we have to aim to deliver the best we can. If we get stuck or something gets in the way of delivering our best we have to say so.

The police can’t get any more info about the man who assaulted two people. They have done the best they can. They paid me the courtesy of coming to see me to tell me this in person. I may not be happy about this but I understand how it is. In the other examples today the people involved were stuck in their own concerns, ignored mine and delivered what they felt they had to. It really didn’t resolve anything for me. I’m certain that if the tables were turned and they stood in my shoes nor would it for them. I am sending those people my unconditional love. I appreciate that by their standards they thought they were in the right and doing their best. My hope is that somewhere along the line they feel that unconditional love supporting them to make better choices.

So how would you feel if someone dismissed your feeling & thoughts? I don’t really need to ask that question. I’m sure we all know already what it feels like. We seem to live in an uncaring world right now where service to others is seen as a weakness. So how to make the pink perfect a reality down here? That sometimes feels like such a big ask. My Guides tell me we are aiming to achieve that one day. They remind me to keep in the front of my mind that question – how would I feel? They ask me to measure everything I do against that question. And they encourage me to be honest and realistic about what I feel or think. Sometimes, when my emotions are running high, I can’t think about how others might feel or think. Yet each time I make my choices based on the how would I feel question I am taking a step nearer to the BIG goal of an Earth pink perfect. So I’m giving myself unconditional love too tonight to support me in making spiritual choices.

Please take the time to give yourself unconditional love too. Who knows when you will next need to act based on the how would I feel question.

Day 36 of my blogging challenge.

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