Horizon- We are more than we know

img_2226Tonight I caught up on an interesting programme in the Horizon series on BBC tv. It was all about the recent discoveries concerning the evolution of modern human beings. It seems there is actually more to our DNA than we suspected.

As the story unravelled I found it fascinating to see the research explain that our DNA contains Neanderthal, Denisovan and potentially other ancient types of humans. I love a good mystery and where we came from is certainly that. Though the amount of this ancient DNA may be a small proportion of our whole DNA it seems that, one way or another, there were several types of humans throughout the world more than 50,000 years ago. Somehow only our branch survived beyond about 30,000 years. I find that really intriguing. Is it time to widen our horizon, to start to teach our children that we all originate from the same source?

Later tonight I was watching a news item about refugees from Syria. People who have been through unimaginable situations. They share the same DNA as me. They have ancient ansestors from other humans species too. Somehow I and everyone else has that common heritage so why is it so hard to accept that fact? People are protesting that refugees should not be shown compassion. I find that very difficult to accept as an argument. In fact I find all the arguments surrounding this issue focus on difference not similarity. Yet I know that our DNA is the same. Across the world we are falling out about who should get what, live where and what counts as a basic human right. Yet how can we argue with the DNA evidence?

It’s certainly a puzzle that we have to solve soon. If we want to move forward as a global community we have to change our perceptions of each other.

The final bit of to I watched was an interview with Margaret Atwood. I read her book The Handmaind’s Tale many years ago. It is a stunning book about the ways in which people treat each other very badly based on fear, power and women as second class citizens. In her interview I watched as she explained that she feels it is still releveant even today. It made me think if we had made any progress at all. I know that we have changed attitudes. I know that change is slow and can sometimes feel nearly impossible. Yet there have been some changes. Women and children have a voice now. Even if it is still drowned out by too much aggressive shouting.

So the strands of my reflection tonight are about continuing to advocate love, compassion and peace. For every person on the planet. Of keeping my mind alert and open so that I can be part of this shift towards peace. I’m keeping my eyes on the horizon. I’m looking ahead. Holding the dream that in my life there will be enough change to keep the momentum going. After all, if, for many thousands of years we managed to live on the planet as several species of humans then I’m sure we can learn to live together successfully now we are the only kind left.

Day 333 of my blogging challenge.

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