Hopeful: The Energy That Keeps On Giving

HopefulI’ve been very hopeful today. Getting all of my tasks done as quickly as possible so I can take a few days off. Looking forward to some rest and relaxation.

That’s the power of hope. It makes me anticipate something good. Or something better. I know that if I’m hopeful it helps me focus. I can build big dreams with hope, faith and trust. That’s the great things about hope. It also draws in other feelings. Being hopeful can lead me to be inspired, creative and active. It’s really an energy that keeps on giving. So I am also very aware of those times when I lose hope. If I feel the world is against me. Or that my dreams are as far away as ever. That’s when I need to surround myself with the people who can encourage me to keep hoping. And I am very fortunate. I’m lucky to have some wonderful people in my life. When I’m with them my mood is upbeat. Because we talk hopefully of our future.

I remember times when I’ve felt alone. When there didn’t seem to be anyone hopeful around me either. Or any help to lift my mood. Sometimes that hopelessness has lasted for quite a while. Once or twice I’ve even drifted into despair. That place where there is a complete absence of any hope. It took me a long time to find hope again once I was in that pit. But I did. With the help of people who also understood about hope and despair. Those who were prepared to listen to me and then speak hopefully about climbing out of the depths. They kept me connected to myself and to my life. I want to acknowledge the gift they gave me. By passing on the energy of hope they rebalanced me. I became hopeful once more.

Now I work with hope. I hope that everyone I connect with can recieve hopeful energy from me. Because with hope we can all move forward. And dreams can really come true. Sending you bucket loads of hope 💜

Day 698 of my blogging challenge 

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