Holding the Energy

Holding the Energy

Holding the Energy

The world is going through turbulent times. Across the globe violence and aggression spark fear and anger. If you are sensitive to energy (and we all are to a greater or lesser degree) you will ‘feel’ the impact when the levels of fear energy rise. At those points in time our physical body may become restless, exhausted, limp or sluggish all at the same time. It’s as if a tidal wave of unpleasant energy has caught us in it’s grip. Emotions will be closer to the surface and you might find your thoughts becoming less positive. There can be a feeling of why bother or an increase in fearful thoughts. You, along with the rest of the global community of Spirits inside human bodies, are caught up in the energy impact of the original aggression and the reactions to it. This is exactly the right time to be holding onto your own positive energy.

In the middle of this it’s important to be able to steady yourself. I do a lot of work involving holding the energy. Sometimes it’s a place than needs to have energy removed from it, sometimes a person and sometimes an object. The energy concerned is causing consequences that generate more low vibrational energy out into the world. So I become a receiving battery for the low vibration energy and I can move it to a place of clearing & cleansing. Energy isn’t necessarily ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Energy vibrates in different ways. Some ways are useful to our spiritual path and some ways aren’t. When the energy is no longer useful it can be re-energised to a higher vibration with a little bit of positive intention from me and my Guides. When doing this work I also need to be able to hold energy fields steady – mine, the energy I’m moving and the energy field that I’m moving in. Careful balance is important otherwise the low vibrational energy can be ‘pushed’ towards unsuspecting people or areas. I use lots of positive thoughts, hold within myself feelings of self-love and compassion for others and I have a firm intent that the work I am doing will be successful.

Holding the energy is also a key part of creating a safe energetic space to open up to intuitive information. As energy flows like waves the more people contributing to that shared space adds extra layers of intuitive feelings. If the energy vibrations are low then the space created will be awash with low level feelings like anger, disappointment, sadness etc. Learning to open up to your intuitive side also involves learning to hold your energy steady in a positive, higher vibrational way. It’s important to recognise that, for example, fear, hate, despair and anger are inappropriate spiritual responses to the actions of others. Allowing yourself to remain at the calm centre of a whirlwind of low vibrational energy sending out all the positive thoughts and feelings you can creates a loving space for everyone. Of course this isn’t something you can see the results of right away. Sometimes you have to wait out the energy storm holding peacefulness in your heart. However, when the dust has settled you may notice that the people you care about have a more positive outlook than might be expected. They may even say that they feel better. Or have a slight ‘glow’. Your efforts to hold a positive energy space will also have helped you to become more radiant too.

Becoming conscious of the energy you give and receive is an important step in your intuitive journey. The spiritual side of you has been trying to help you hold your own energy intact all your life. It would like you to always be in a positive, loving energy. It’s the human side, containing as it does the lower emotions (vibrations) & thoughts, that has to work harder at holding the energy at a higher vibration. Being aware of both sides of your being gives you much more choice about the energy you hold onto in your life. Look for and ‘hold’ the love & compassion for yourself so that you feel the peace and contentment instead of the fear & aggression.

Day 129 of my blogging challenge.

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