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imageToday I’ve achieved another dream. My art is on display alongside the artwork of three other people. I have finally managed to formally open my Hidden Gem Art Gallery.

When I rediscovered my passion for painting a few years ago I also had to overcome a lot of blocks. As with my writing, I had a lot of resistance to exploring my artistic creativity, the worst barrier being a judgement I took on board when I was thirteen. Actually getting started was a challenge but I had a great deal of Spirit encouragement. Once I got started I found I was placing all sorts of expectations on myself. Before I could accept my creativity I had to shed those. My true ability was hidden somewhere and I had to find it.

Eventually I began to paint for fun instead of as a task. I played with the acrylics, pastels and pencils. I splashed and splodged. My hands got covered in paint. So did my clothes. Hidden inside me was a passion for trying something new. I started to like what I was painting. I watched pictures emerge as if by magic. I didn’t paint with any kind of plan. What I also realised was that my lovely Energy Being friends were also joining in the fun.

Channeling art is all about vibration not name.

Freeing myself up to flow with the mood made me aware that there was a hidden aspect to what was happening. As I continued to paint as much as I could I noticed that pictures fell into distinct groups. As if different people were painting. I started to recognise the subtle differences when I was painting. The guiding hands weren’t always mine. Interesting things emerged in the pictures. Hidden faces peeped out at me from within the colours and textures.

I don’t ask who is with me. The Energy Being influencing my painting might once have been an artist when human. But it doesn’t matter which human personality. We share the joy of creating with colour and shape. They enjoy infusing the finished product with positive energy. They also helped me to remove the art critic from my shoulder. When I finally stopped trying to judge my artwork I was ready to put it on display.

Going public with my work was a big step outside my comfort zone. For a long time the images remained hidden in folders and on shelves. Until I finally realised that I wanted the energy they contained to be shared by others.

Painting has been a healing journey for me. Returning to a passion for playfulness has opened me to the joy of creating. As my stack of work grew I decided to venture into opening up my studio as part of an event here in Hebden Bridge. Feeling brave but nervous I joined in a weekend of letting people see where I worked and my art. A few people even said they liked some of my work in that first venture. I got a picture displayed in an open art exhibition the same year. These small successes pushed me on. I looked at what I could do next.

Last year I joined the Open Studio event again. More people came. I got some great feedback. I decided that the corridor outside my space could become a mini gallery. Feeling brave once more I asked my landlord for permission to display my artwork outside my rooms. When I got a yes I was over the moon. Up went my paintings. Later in the year I once more sent off my work to see if it would get into the open art exhibition. This time two pieces did. That was a big wow for me. Then one of them won a prize. Double wow!

It gets better and better. The gallery is growing.

I’m now in my third year of putting my art out into the world. I’ve also been running my psychic art workshops for several years too. My art and the workshops have combined to inspired others to have a play. Helping people to find their hidden creativity is so special. So when I was asked to display some of my work at Cafe Lux in Leeds this year I decided that my Hidden Gem Gallery should also be a place for other artists to share their work with the world.

I was delighted to have Sharon Makle of Lavender Witch, Brenda Hodgson of HeartArt and Peter Tiler display their work alongside mine in this year’s Open Studios event. It was also fab that my across the corridor neighbours joined in the fun. We had Hannah’s, Julie’s and Sarah’s work out in the walls too. Lots of people came along to view our little gallery of work. The energy of this small space has been lifted. The creativity is inspiring. We are all bringing beautiful inspirations into being.

I’m working on my next dream. I would love to see more people able to share their work with the world. I feel another workshop or two coming on.

You never know what is hidden inside of you until you explore. I am looking forward to helping more people find their talents and share them with others. I would love you to play with paints or pencils and share the creative wave of energy with me. Please post your art to the comments box so that we can all enjoy being playful once again.

Day 230 of my blogging challenge.

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