Healing intentions manifest

imageTalking with a lovely friend this morning we were catching up about some healing requests we have been involved in. Both of us practice our own forms of energy healing and believe that even over distance you can send healing energy to anyone who needs it. We are also both involved in sending healing energy to the planet and to all animals. Sometimes I wonder if the healing intentions have a positive impact and that is something we have discussed a lot. Both of us do feel that healing intentions work. Actually we have had feedback to tell us that it does.

Our will is a very powerful instrument. We can will ourselves ill (by negative thoughts, feelings and choices) so we can also will ourselves well (by positive thoughts, feelings and choices). Not everyone would agree with what I’ve written about illness being a matter of intent. Certainly we are used to the scientific medical model that looks to treat symptoms first and search for causes in the chemicals, cells and organs of our bodies. By reducing our dis-ease to physiological imbalances or even to the level of genetics we miss a choice that is very important. Dis-ease is a way for the body to express the energy that is stuck in the aura or chakras. It manifests when that energy has built up too much and transfers into the physical part of us. Working to remove that stuck energy from the aura will also, eventually, clear it from our physical body too.

To help us start up our own aura self healing we can receive energy from others. And that brings us back to the conversation I was having this morning. Over the last couple of days several people have given me feedback about the effects that my Reiki treatments have had for them. Each person took the time to mention that they hadn’t thought the energy healing would have much or any result. Yet afterwards each one said they felt as if something had shifted for them. They were taking the time to tell me because the treatments were helping them to feel less dis-eased with their lives. Of course this feedback could be considered unscientific. It is people telling how it is for them not some carefully researched double blind experiment. And in today’s social conditioning claims about success can only be validated by ‘scientific’ research. So I make no claims for healing energy outcomes. Instead I encourage you to find out how healing energy can manifest positive changes in your life. Try a healing treatment with someone, read about energy healing, discuss it with your friends and most of all, keep an open mind. Self-healing miracles do happen from the connection to healing intentions and energy though they take time to become visible.

Day 144 of my blogging challenge.

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