Healing You Heals Others

imageOne of the things I was able to do today was to pass on healing energy to some people who needed a bit of a boost. When our energy is out of balance we often forget that simply asking for this energy actually heals us. It also helps to heal all of those around us.

I believe that one of our best kept secrets – from ourselves – is that we can all use the available positive energy to self-heal. But an even bigger secret is the effect that any self-healing can have on the people I am connected to. Because energy flows all around. It is a source that heals. A blast of positive energy that I use remains positive so I can transmit it to all of the people I link with. I can also transfer it to the Earth or the animals, to stuck situations and to war zones. In fact, this energy can circle right around and come back to me, still as a positive flow, to give me more of a boost.

So why is it such a secret. I know from my own scepticism that my rational, materialistic view of how reality works closed my mind to the possibility that I was energy. Everything was explained as atoms and molecules in a sort of ridgid system so that’s why we needed chemical answers to illness. It took me a long time to step back from this point of view and look for different ideas. When I did I found that the certainty I placed in science was risky at best, collapsing at worst, I had to open my thoughts to new ways of understanding illness or disease. That’s not to say that science should be dismissed out of hand. But I did find myself asking far more intelligent questions about the reasons why I might be ‘dis-eased’ and how I might treat that situation.

Considering ill health from an energy point of view I also started to think about the people around me. What heals them? How can I help the people I care about get better?

Again it seemed that stepping back gave me a new picture to consider. Because, if they received energy from me and I from them, making sure I had a good or positive energy flow then that would be what they experienced too. We would be able to trade, and perhaps amplify, the good vibes for each other. I was keen to try this out. When practicing meditation I would include my family and friends in the flow of energy. I imagined they were sitting with me. So I encouraged them to receive the flow of energy. I hoped to bring better energy through for them. What I noticed was that some people responded very quickly. They talked about feeling better. They seemed more cheerful.

Some people stayed the same. I learned in time that their self-healing wasn’t switched on. For whatever reason they didn’t access the flow of positive energy. It hasn’t stopped me passing the energy on. I know that I have to wait until they are ready to use the energy on themselves. So any time I send a thought for someone I tag it with healing energy. Not necessarily because I think or know they need a healing boost. But because when they do need a boost the energy will already be circulating around their aura. Ready to be used and passed on to the next person. I encourage every one to send a flow of positive energy out. You can get this positive energy by asking for it. I also have to remind you that you need to be willing to feel the effects of the positive too.

So be open to receive and pass it on to receive once more.

Day 314 of my blogging challenge.

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