Healing the Family Vibe

imageOne of the things I love to do is a family Reiki session. Everyone gets an individual mini blast of Universal energy whilst the whole family are sitting in the same energy too. Doing Reiki in groups is a wonderful way to share. It promotes everyone’s self healing. And the combined energy from everyone is shared by all. I find working with families also promotes interesting conversations amongst the participants. Anything that has happened to the family unit can be experienced very differently by the individuals in that family. The chance to comment on what they are experiencing from the Reiki tends to start a freer discussion about the stresses the family is currently under.

Members of a family usually assume different roles – the caregiver, the breadwinner, the emotional supporter, the peacemaker, the challenger, the rule maker etc. Sometimes the roles are played by only one or two people, sometimes they are interchangeable and sometimes the role becomes stuck with one or another person. It’s the group way of navigating life events so communication between the different ‘roles’ often follows familiar patterns. So when the family comes under stress each individual responds in their expected ‘role’ to the events as they unfold. They communicate following the script already given for that role. Sometimes that script is unable to meet the needs of the events the family are experiencing, especially if there is significant change involved, so the stress & strain increases. Significant life events can be so stressful that the fabric of the family is so damaged that it can’t continue as a single cohesive unit.

I feel this is when family Reiki can really help. Reiki healing energy is not dependent on any particular belief system. It doesn’t require any particular rituals or practices. It can be passed on with a minimum of fuss and it will always find the energy vibration that needs to be healed. During sessions with families I explain what the energy is doing and ask the participants to tell me if they sense anything. What I have observed is that as each person describes the tingles, tickles, heat, cold, colours etc they may be experiencing the rest of the family is chipping in with comments, support and validation of those. I can pick up on the words the individuals are using and often repeat back what they have said so the discussion moves into comparing the Reiki experience. Giving voice to how each person is feeling in the Reiki session tends to get a more general exchange of conversation going. It’s lovely to see the Reiki working on healing the family communication too as often there are breakthroughs in understanding. I feel this is because the topic of Reiki itself is a safe subject to the family, within which the discussion of feelings arises naturally.

Best of all is the way in which the family vibe can shift in the space of one session. As families we spend time with one another, mostly caught up in day to day living, trying to make sure that we make the best of our lives together as a group. Yet when we are under strain we often deal with getting help as individuals. In a sense that suggests that the rest of the family can manage without support. Or have to manage without support. It’s a bit like saying the broken leg can have a plaster cast but the other leg, that has to take more weight for a time, isn’t worth extra support too. Unless we accept the need for a walking stick or crutches. And then the hands and arms might be taking the extra strain so what about their support? When I give family Reiki it is amazing how supported everyone feels. Families leave my Centre with much more positive energy than when they came in. They come back and tell me of the ways in which they are coping better with the ups & downs of life. They have a second, third or more sessions.

I’m a supporter of holistic therapies. Science may not have recognised the reality of energy work yet but I go by what I experience and observe. Treating the whole family unit is also holistic. It is recognising that ‘no man is an island, and no man stands alone’.  We are creatures of community and connection. So I believe in working with the whole family, helping it to heal and grow stronger. Shared experiences can bring us closer together. Participating in the healing of the people you love the most, and healing yourself too, is a wonderful way to affirm your love. Next time the winds of change whip up a tornado around you and your family why not consider a family Reiki session to heal the dis-ease?

Day 160 of my blogging challenge. 

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