Green Light For Workshops: Guides Set The Pace

green lightI’m sitting writing this blog in waves of incredible energy. It might feel like a hot flush but I know it’s the Guide Team energising my events. After a few months of stepping back from workshops they have once again given me the green light to teach.

By now I’m used to the way they chop and change my work around. I remember kicking up a fuss with them when they first asked me to teach people what I knew. And I suppose I kept asking for confirmation that it had to be me. Until they actually got me off and running. However, I like to work in small groups, with people who are ready to learn what I can offer, so my workshops were not a key¬†part of my business model. It’s a good job too. Because even though I could plan is as many as I wanted they only happened when my Guides gave me the green light. Sometimes there aren’t enough people around who are ready for the energy that is passed on from the the Energy Beings.

So it was nothing unusual at the start of this year to close down the workshops. In fact my planner was full of all sorts of other things. yet I knew that workshops would feature again once the green light got switched back on. And this week it has. I had a couple or three dates earmarked in my diary. For what I wasn’t sure. Then, at the start of this week, I did a trance mediumship demonstration. While I was with my Guides they told me I could confirm what workshops would run on the dates. I’m so glad. I love teaching, sharing my experiences and listening to other people make sense of theirs. The Guides are always present to make sure everyone gets the support and information they need. And I get to talk about the subjects I’m passionate about.

So June is going to be a busy month! I have the green light to offer three workshops – Exploring Intuitive Energy Connections, All Things Angelic and Discovering Past Lives. Three key areas of knowledge and experience that will help anyone wanting to change their intuitive life for the better. Thank goodness for those Guides and their ‘bigger picture’ planning. Everything happens at the perfect time.


Day 889 of my blogging challenge

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