Going Away in the Heart

imageWe are going off grid again. I can’t wait for another retreat from the energy currently going around. No phone signal or wifi and the chance to do some reading. Or thinking. And certainly connecting with my inner guidance in my heart.

I’ve been reading James Redfield’s books again. Starting with the Celestine Prophecy he laid out a series of steps humanity would have to follow in order to make changes to the world based in our love for one another. In a wonderful synchronicity I also started to reread a book by Brian Bates called The Real Middle Earth. This book takes me back to how it was in the first 1000 years of this country after Christ is said to exist. Commonly called the Dark Ages, because we didn’t write much down, the book offers a different perspective. It’s about culture and spirituality under threat from invaders. The old ways are going. New influences are taking root.

If fact, this little island has been invaded so many times in the last two thousand years that being able to accommodate new influences has become one of our greatest skills. When I think about karma it seems that our approach to building an Empire could be seen as a payback for all those invasions. But I also think that every payback bounces into another and karma is being paid back to us too. So how do we end the fear and hatred?

I know becoming fearful and hating won’t solve any issues.

Our long history as a group of tribes that became a nation in one way or another proves that there is strength in unity. I believe that unity has to be the right kind though. What I wonder about is how it would be if we all came together out of love for one another. What would it take to shift us out of fear reactions? How do we stop seeing the ‘other’ as a threat? And most of all, how can our spiritual beliefs help us to embrace the reality that we are all exactly the same under our skins?

Those are big questions. However the only starting point I have is me. First I have to recognise my ego mind is conditioned to perceive fear in all sorts of everyday situations. I haven’t chosen this conditioning. It has been applied all around me in the attitudes and values of the society I grew up in and now live in. My parents lived through a time of war. They had life experiences that shaped their expectations. It is hard to hang on to love and hope when a feeling of security is missing. Their generation learned to be grateful for very little. Yet the fear was always underneath. The fear that everything could be taken away in an instant.

My generation grew up with that background fear as part of our energy. Perhaps it led us to want to keep the status quo.

Never upset anyone. Going along with the accepted wisdoms. Keep the peace. Store away all the material things we could. Not recognising that material life is only part of who we really are. Living in fear erodes faith. It took me a long time to realise that faith is an important quality. If I have faith in myself I can achieve whatever I want out of life. I can turn off the fear of the ego mind. If I have faith in my inner guidance I can allow myself to accept the help that is all around me. If I have faith in a higher guidance I can recognise a Divine connection that is more than me.

There is hope in this Divine connection. I can hope that all of us will find a way to the same connection. I can hope that recognising it will lead all of us to understand that we are all connected. If we can understand the connection we share then we can change how we relate to one another. So my retreat into a form of silence is my way of refreshing a connection that will help me to rise above my and other people’s fears. When it is time to act I will do so in love and connection not anger or hatred. What will be created will be for my and other people’s highest good. There will be no need for karmic corrections to happen because we will all be following the path of loving evolution.

My work will always continue. It’s going to because it’s in my heart.

It may have taken some time but I now recognise that no matter what, the work I came here to do will always happen. So long as I step back from my fears and recognise the loving connections all around me. If I flow with the synchronicities of life and do what my intuition prompts me to with an attitude of service then I will be growing myself. My mission is to evolve myself. That this may benefit others is a bonus. I feel that when we all recognise that we are here to work on ourselves, to remove the urge to live by the ego mind impulses, it will be possible to have a world of peaceful, loving, kindness. It’s here now if we really want it. All I have to do is choose.

Day 253 of my blogging challenge. 

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