Glad to be alive

imageIt’s been a lovely sunny day here though cold. One of those Winter days when the bite of the fresh air mixes with the warmth of the sun and makes you feel glad to be alive. The daylight is increasing and that too brings a lift to my spirits. I cherish these moments. I want that feeling of gladness. I’m aware that the world can turn on its head any moment. ¬†Being mindful of the ebb and flow of my feelings and thoughts I want to hold onto all the positive energy I can.

Working with energy every day it’s always possible that as people shift their negativity I might be the one they are shifting it too. One of the first things to learn when opening up to our psychic senses is that we have to filter the energy we are learning to ‘read’. This is often called protection as it can be a challenge handling all the less than positive energy and information that starts to flow through. And if your own energy is muddy or a low vibration you can easily end up swamped. When they first come to me many students tell me that they don’t know why they are feeling upset, angry, fearful. They know that they want to help people but when they do so they seem to come out of it feeling worse. When I scan their aura I can tell what energy is theirs and what energy actually belongs to someone else. At that point we have a long chat about protecting the aura.

One of the best things to do is to connect in to gratitude. Finding the positives in as many moments as possible. Stepping back from the feelings and thoughts that might be jingling around inside. Reminding yourself that you are a Spirit in a human body capable of unconditional love for yourself and others. The protection that flows from loving yourself enough not to give low energy house room within you is phenomenal. I find that I can do anything I set my mind to if I remind myself that my positivity will make it happen. The flow of energy from other people diverts around me – unless it is positive which I accept gratefully – and I’m able to keep that glad to be alive feeling going.

Another key thing, of course, is that I am spreading positivity back to others. At the service I did this evening I couldn’t help but smile all the way through. The Spirit World were taking the opportunity to boost my own positive energy so that I could pass it on to everyone else. It’s amazing how contagious a smile can be. There was a lovely message that I had to give from a gentleman. He wanted to say how much he was enjoying being in the Spirit World. He asked me to represent his positivity to his loved ones so that they could get a blast of his happy energy too. I was delighted to do so. We all shared in his loving kindness through the gift of his energy. He was glad to be alive in his Spirit World and wanted us to be glad to be alive in ours.

So when negativity threatens to overwhelm you find a little glimmer of positivity and grow it until it is bright light leading you forward.

Day 101 of my blogging challenge. 

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