Giving too much?

imageThe question of how much to give, what is too much and when has there been too little giving crops up time & time again in my work. There is a general expectation that because I am working with the Spirit World then it’s ok to contact me at 10pm for a message. Or to ring me during the day saying that there is a question or a decision to be made & can I give the answer. An hour later the phone goes down and I can finally get on with my stuff.  Or can I fill in for free because someone else hasn’t turned up. I turn very few requests for my time away because I recognise that I’m here to be a resource for people. Though I do feel strongly that giving should be part of a bargain – giving should be returned.

Many Lightworkers have found themselves giving and giving endlessly. They feel obligated in some way; perhaps pressured to deliver healing, comfort, support whenever it is requested.  Again there is a general expectation that anyone who needs help can get it from those who offer help without any balancing of the energies involved. So I often find myself sitting with exhausted colleagues discussing how to give to ourself first. That’s the real issue. You cannot give if you are drained. So to be able to give to others it should go without saying that in the first place you give to yourself. When you are full to overflowing you can share the excess with others. But we often turn that on its head, giving to everybody and forgetting to receive for ourselves.

If you receive then you should be prepared to give back. I’m a great believer in what you give out you get back. But we receive only if we open ourselves and others up to the reality of energy. That it flows, it circulates and if it gets stuck anywhere in that process it will make you feel out of balance. It’s not always necessary to give back to the person you received from but it is important to turn what you received back into a gift for someone else. If you do that you are circulating the energy and will get more receiving of your own. This is actually fundamental to cosmic ordering or law of attraction stuff. Asking for the Universe to give you something will only work if you are completely open to receiving it. How many times do you say to people who are offering help & support ‘I’m ok’, ‘I can manage’? Or refuse what is offered because it doesn’t come packaged the way you expected it to?  Lightworkers are some of the worst at receiving because they think they should give all the time and only accept back in certain ways.

Recently I took a big step in receiving. In letting people give to me. I joined a crowd funding project along with 102 other businesses. People gave so much in time, energy, ideas and support that we hit our target of £150,000 with days to spare. My Centre will benefit from the decision I made to open myself up to receiving in that way. As it benefits so do I. I will have the resources to do more giving to the people who need to receive. Eventually they will pass that giving on to other people and some of it will find it’s way back to me. I will, once again, receive it gracefully to top up my resources so I can keep giving. It’s magic. It’s energy. It’s the universal community of Spirit functioning as it should through our human experience.

Do you need to give to yourself? Are you open to receiving? Remove the resistance to the flow of giving and receive back all that you have given out ?

Day 88 of my blogging challenge.

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