Giving Has It’s Own Reward

img_2370Tonight I’ve been on my Christmas do. Not perhaps the kind you might expect. But it was my reward to myself for something that happened earlier this year.

I’ve been to a celebration of 25 years of  the Community Foundation for Calderdale. This charitable organisation supports many local groups to offer services that otherwise might not be funded. So at the party this evening in the Viaduct Theatre it was great to watch performances from some of these groups, to listen to a few testimonials and to enjoy sharing in further grant awards. Also to hear about the launch of the Foundation’s latest challenge. They want to raise another £2.5 million pounds in the next year so they can keep on giving. And some of their sponsors explained how they felt that giving was it’s own reward. So they would be doing their best to support the new challenge too.

I was one of the people who benefited from the Foundation. After the flooding on Boxing Day 2015 my business was severely affected by the downturn in the local economy. I joined in a crowdfunding initiative organised by the Foundation and offered readings as a reward for pledges. Many of us did that so we could reach the target we had set to get a share of the crowdfunding. When we reached the target my business got a share. It really helped me. I was able to keep the Centre open as the bills were being paid. What I was also able to do was invest the funding back in another way. I offered free sessions and treatments for those affected by the impact of the flooding.

The way that the giving and receiving worked was to share the abundance in many different ways. It meant I and many others got help when we needed it. And could return that help when we were able.

As I listened to the history of the Foundation I thought about the generosity of people who gave.  There was one particular point when a donor explained that they wanted to help because they had been helped in the past. It reminded me that when I give it is reward enough. If that giving comes back to me in some way that’s an unexpected reward. So if I give again I multiply my reward. Not by increasing money or things. But because I am recognising and honouring the help given to me at some time in my past. I also thought about the way in which supporting the Foundation meant I was giving to myself.

Who knows when I might need help again. How special then to hear of all the services that this charitable group supports. If I don’t need help in future I’m sure other will. One way or another charitable giving, philanthropy, crowdfunding or whatever you want to call it is a way to offer a safety net when there is nothing else available. So I will be giving again, not with the idea of receiving a reward, but because it feels like the community thing to do. No reward required ?

Day 383 of my blogging challenge. 

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