Getting Back to Work Energy

After a long break there is always that urgh! moment when it’s time to get back to work. I know it will be ok once I’m back but gathering the energy to restart can be a challenge.

Even though I love what I do and call it my occupation, work or job I also recognise that time off slows me down. So much so that winding up my energy can take a little while. Yet I also know that I’d hate to stop doing all of the things that give my day meaning. It’s a funny thought really. Working for myself I can choose when to stop or even to retire. But the idea of stepping back completely from my connections with Energy Beings doesn’t cross my mind. I feel I will always want to be of help to others if the Spirits wish me to be.

I guess I’m someone who likes to keep occupied. Even when I’m on holiday I love to be doing. Though that doing might be about reading a book. Or taking in the view. Even letting my mind pay attention to all the puzzle pieces that are stored away there. I like to make sense of things. Even if that takes me years and years. I’m thinking about my past lives here. So after a spell of apparently doing not very much I always want to gather my energy for work again. I love the word work. It carries a sense of purpose for me. A sense of contributing something to the wholeness of reality.

And that’s interesting. Because there were a good number of years where the word work represented a daily grind. Grim times when my day was filled with hard choices, restrictions, stress.

I am so relieved that the Universe bounced me out of that toxic energy. And I didn’t go willingly. I was dragged kicking and screaming. But leave I did. And found that it was ok to occupy myself with work that made me feel happy. Sometimes even joyful. Going through a time when work was a dirty word I’m always surprised how long I stuck at it. How locked in I had become to a pattern that keeps us penned in the wrong box. I was the square peg trying to fit the round hole. Until I stepped away and became my own shape.

That’s what I remind myself of when it’s time to build up my energy and enthusiasm for work again. I’m a lovely merkabah spinning in a web of positivity. Each activity I do will bring me enjoyment because I have choices, options and a timescale to suit myself. I can contribute to the work I’m passionate about. Working with love and joy I can change the energy around others. Because to really offer something you love doing takes all of the sense of hard work away from the word work. So no more urgh! Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go.

Day 415 of my blogging challenge.

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