Getting Organised!

It’s very unlike me. Somehow this year I have left myself a lot of time to get organised for the holidays. I’ve done my last service for the year. There are only a few work things left to do. And I have a whole week at home before Christmas Day.

Today I had to pinch myself to check I was still me. Most of the stuff I need is already organised. I can go shopping with my daughter for fun rather than hunting for presents. In fact, I don’t need to do any shopping at all if I don’t want to. It all feels very unfamiliar. I’m the last minute, just in time queen. What has happened this year? As I sat and thought about it today I realised that I’ve finally stopped hooking into the stress side of December.

Perhaps it’s been helped by having to focus on all of the energy waves that have been flowing in. Maybe part of it is to do with all the changes that are rolling along through my life. Some of it is certainly connected to the recognition that what we give out we get back. Getting things organised all across my life is about rising to the challenge of making changes. It’s me going with the flow as easily and peacefully as possible. Which means that a month I often find hard work is floating by.

Being organised has also been a feature of the reorganisation of my home and office.

I’ve had time this month to go through old papers, old clothes and all my storage boxes. It’s been wonderful to clear space. I feel the leading edge of the new energy for January so I want to give myself room for all the new things to come in. And the clearing has also been very easy too because I’ve accepted I need to do it. Perhaps that is also a big change this year. Understanding that moving things on is the way energy flows. Really understanding it more deeply than ever. That holding on is only limiting my abundance. So now I’m organised. The energy of good fortune is flowing through my life. I am finally having the kind of December I want.

Day 393 of my blogging challenge. 

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