A Fresh Coat of Paint!

Fresh. New. Clean. Today I was looking around my Centre with different eyes. I’m so used to seeing it the way it is. But that’s the old way. What about all the new energy of this year? Time to make a few little changes.

I guess you could say I’m taking a fresh view of all sorts of things in my life. My home. The types of work I’m doing. What I’m interested in. Where I go. All the energy changes I’ve been through have brought me to being quite a different person than I was last week or last year. So today I wandered around giving everything a dose of looking at. Because my physical environment reflects my inner world. And I know I work better when both are in harmony.

I made little notes to myself. Where looked a bit tired and worn. Which covers needed freshening up. What could I do to encourage the plants to feel fresh and health. Look at the dust. I know I need to remove the recycling. And is the furniture in the right places. Although I have a disorganised desk and a creative space in chaos I also want to welcome people to a calm space. The Centre is my place for people to be able to step off the world. I want them to feel comfortable. So it can’t be so tidy that they are scared to sit down. Or too messy so there is no place to sit down.

A fresh pair of eyes is a great gift. I got a chance to consider the ambiance that I create. Looking around I knew what I wanted to do. And where energy needed to be freshened up.

It’s more than cleaning and tidying. The energy we live and work in can affect all of us for better or worse. I understand this because for a long time I used to work in a sea of toxic energy. Because I didn’t know it and had no idea how to clear my aura of it I even took it home. So my house also suffered from less than positive energy. When I discovered that I could have fresh, positive energy around me I was amazed. I worked very hard to protect my energy away from my home. And very hard to keep my home energy clear and uplifting. Not easy when the rest of the family struggled to understand all the energy stuff.

Now I try to look around my environment every so often to see if it needs frshening up. I’m going to invest in some paint as well as some retouching of paintwork. Furniture is being reorganised. Some new things are on order. And I have plans for a revamp of my group room. I hope that these changes, which might take a little time, will keep the energy of the Centre light, fresh and welcoming. Of course, looking at my workplace has also prompted me to look at my home space. That’s another list of little things to do to boost new energy too. So if you feel your work or home space is flat, drained of positive energy or draining you look again at your physical space. A fresh pair of eye might show you some interesting ways to change the energy you are in.

Day 435 of my blogging challenge. 

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