Freeze – Considerering All Options Again

FreezeI woke up to frost this morning. The sunshine was doing it’s best to beat the freeze but the ice wrapped the world in a white coat. A very pretty coat. But one I hoped would dissolve soon.

The freeze could be felt in the air too. My breath was a white fog. The ground crunched underneath my feet. A real blast of winter weather making me think about how stuck we sometimes get. I’ve known what it feels like to be frozen with fear. Paralysed and feeling helpless. Even when there is warm and comforting haven ready to shelter me. I’ve been that rabbit in the headlights too scared to fight or run. Suspended in the moment and unable to decide. When I freeze like this it can take me a while to thaw. But the start is to recognise that it is fear holding me back.

Fear of change. Or fear of getting things wrong. Even fear of getting things right. A freeze can give a momentary pause to all sorts of things. But it can’t last. A thaw happens eventually. Because life always resumes, shifts, moves on. Although I know that sometimes it can take me a while to accept that. In the end I do. Like today, by mid afternoon most of the ice had gone. Dissolved by the sunshine. I could move around once again without thinking about sliding or slipping. When I remember that a thaw is inevitable I let myself take those frozen moments and study what my fear is. Understanding my fears gives me options. Even new ones I have been blocking because of the fear.

I enjoyed the frost today. It gave me time to look again at my choices for 2018. I am busy sending out my wishes to the Universe. Getting ready to take the actions that will bring them back to me fulfilled. Fear has been excluded from my agenda. After all, I don’t want to freeze when all my dreams are starting to come true!

Day 764 of my blogging challenge 

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