It’s a Free as a Bird Day!

For once I’m free! I’ve managed my time so that I can have a weekend away from my desk. I’m even writing my blog in advance so it can be posted first thing before I head out.

I need some free time. A letting my hair down day. An all work and no play makes me dull moment or two. March has been a big mountain to climb. I feel well and truly tested. My ‘Feck It’ moments have been coming thick and fast. Trying to navigate a whole load of choppy energy. And remaining calm throughout. I have certainly needed my swear box. Telling myself that it doesn’t matter. Reminding myself that in the greater scheme of things I could be dead tomorrow. Not in a morbid way but to help me keep going. Not so much the joy of Spring but the What the heck happened of Winter endings. Now it’s time to step out of it all.

Life could be constant worry. I don’t think there is anyone who is totally free of concerns. We are good at finding things to be anxious about. It’s the way we have been raised. So letting myself be free of worry even for a short time does feel strange. Yet I’m excited too. Being responsible, adult, takes a lot of effort. The freedom of childhood is something we are only too quick to give away. I look at my teenage daughter pushing to be a grown up. And I want to hug her. Tell her to slow down. To enjoy being free of everything for a little bit longer. Soon the full weight of her adult life will crowd in. Work, a home, bills, citizenship, making a contribution. All those expectations. I’d love her to be free as a bird for as long as possible.

I know that she will have to find the free moments when she can. Just like me. So for now I’m finished with my blog. The lure of fun and frivolity is with me. Back soon. Perhaps!

Day 488 of my blogging challenge.

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