Four Hours Sleep

IMG_1569Its amazing what you can do when you need to! Last night I struggled to get to sleep. There had been so much energy coming in throughout the day that I was still on a high at 3.30am. By four am I’d had enough and insisted to myself that I needed to go to sleep because of all I was going to be doing today. I drifted off around 4.15am still quite floaty but at least relaxed enough to sleep. As I sank deeper and deeper into dreamtime I could hear my Guides laughing gently. I got so charged up because over the last three days the energy of the Earth’s ArchAngels has been all around me. They are getting ready to launch a new transfer of wisdom for us and it all begins with the Summer Solstice on 21st June. One of the last things I did before leaving work last night was a little video (not something I’m used to doing really) to publicise the event. It came together so quickly because I had an ArchAngel sitting with me putting it all together. No wonder I was flying!

Today I had a session of mediumship mentoring with a lovely student, the drop in at the Centre and a Psychic Club. Immediately after that I had a church service to do at Gt Harwood Spiritualist Church. So all in all a very full day. My student is at the point where stuck energy is being released, some of it past life stuff, so we enjoyed a lovely Violet Flame meditation sitting in a crystal circle to represent the four points of energy we were using. Later in the Psychic Club we had four pairs, each of us practicing our intuitive abilities to receive information, discovering how doubt can affect our belief in the info we had collected. Then off to a lovely church for plenty of messages. I noticed that the level of evidence I was given was much stronger and more detailed. Four people left the service floating too because of the support and love passed through to them by their loved ones. Lots of fours everywhere I looked. And lots of little hints for me to keep accepting the energy & wisdom that the Earth’s ArchAngels are offering.

I always say that four is the number of the angels. Eight is the number of the ArchAngels. So many four and eight combinations today grabbed my attention. In the service I felt surrounded by our 12 ArchAngels, my Mum gave me her usual signal that she was there, some of the hymns chosen reminded me of angel power and to continue to be a beautiful dreamer. I love to find the signs and signals that fill my life. I know that our Guides, loved ones and other Energy Beings are sending us these signals all the time. Sadly we tend to ignore them, doubt them or dismiss them as coincidence. On four hours sleep I have done amazingly well. I am certainly having a lie in tomorrow (lol, I hope but who knows!). Please be open to the connection to your loved ones in Spirit World. They are waiting to let you know that they are ok, well and beaming their love to you 24/7 365 days a year (plus the extra on a Leap Year, of course).

Day 208 of my blogging challenge.

2 thoughts on “Four Hours Sleep

  1. Well after the psychic club and you saying to me to ask for evidence in 3 different ways – I arrived home got out of my car and there was a feather on my doorstep. Sign no. 1 – so thank you Annie I have yet to receive the other two pieces of evidence – so I’m excited to see what they maybe – I have asked that they are glaringly obvious!!
    Thank you so much for today – I love the psychic group – it is so uplifting and love the energy – I felt a hole in my life where the club should have been when you were away !! I really missed it and the lovely people. X

  2. ? How lovely Kirsten. I’ll be interested to see what the other confirmations are. I’m glad you enjoy the Psychic Club. I believe so strongly that we can all benefit from discovering & developing our intuitive abilities. The club is a perfect way to offer the support people need so it really matters to me when you say you love it. Here’s to more interesting sessions ?

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