Focus in on the basics

imageIt’s been another full on day. Lots to do. And lots to think about. I’m going through another big energy shift to get me ready for the next step with several strands of work. It’s exciting but confusing too. Finding a focus point is a challenge.

Part of the shift is me deciding what I want to follow up in all of the work I do. Part of it is me agreeing to the new work that is coming my way. And certainly a chunk of the change is about me stepping closer to living as my authentic self. Alongside that is the background reality of who I am as an Energy Being. It’s all about what I choose to focus on. I found myself discussing that with my daughter this evening.

We were talking about whether the grass really is any greener on the other side. She pointed out that grass is always grass anyway. We reasoned it out. Whenever I feel that there is a better opportunity in the field someone else is standing in I need to remind myself that my field is all of my making. If my grass is thin and weedy it’s because I haven’t focused on taking care of it. If I’m standing in my own lush green meadow why would I want to bother about anyone else’s field. It’s important to remember that I am me in whichever field I move to.

That point also came up in conversation this morning. I get a lot of people coming along wanting to become mediums. They expect me to teach them. But they also expect a transfer of skills to happen overnight.

I listen very carefully to what they say. I am often amazed by the amount of courses, development and workshops they have done. They are full to the brim with knowledge. I also know that they haven’t actually used any of that knowledge. They have focused so much time and energy on looking for the magic short-cut to instant messaging that they have ignored the discipline intuitive work requires. When I explain there is no way to shorten the learning curve they rush off in the next direction. Sticking with it as a way of developing seems to be a bit old fashioned somehow.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s actually a lack of respect for me and themselves that drives them on still looking for a quick fix. I have time and energy for anyone who really wants to be of service to others. I will help them by providing experiences, suggestions and sharing knowledge to the best of my ability. I also understand the excitement of rediscovering my intuitive senses. How fascinating using them can be. And how frustrating. There are so many ways to apply intuitive skills. It’s like being let into the sweet shop after a strict diet. Where to start? Yet I also know that until you focus in on the basics nothing else can be built on top.

I’m glad to say that my morning conversation ended up with me recommending some further reading to help that person refine their focus. Then an afternoon doing a Reiki Master attunement for someone confirmed the benefits of sticking with it.

My Master candidate has spent nine years growing and learning between Reiki One and Mastership. Sometimes there was a clear focus and sometimes a lack of focus. Perseverance won out in the end. My candidate respected themself enough to keep going. So a big effort to focus on healing service means Universal energy will go out to far more people. I guess it’s very simple. Do I respect myself enough to keep looking after my own grass even if I don’t know why at times? Am I still able to support those who respect themselves enough to do spadework on their grass? Do I honour the basic building blocks of my life enough? The basics make all the rest possible. Love, forgiveness, gratitude and service. The meadow is beautiful and abundant in my field!

Day 249 of my blogging challenge. 

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