Flying Back Home Again

imageIt’s come to the end of my time away. It’s been very peaceful, restful and, sharing my time with a good companion, I feel relaxed and rested.

Our somewhat protracted journey means we have been travelling most of the day. Now on the plane, flying home, I can see the lights of towns below me. Watching the sun set above the clouds it was difficult to remember the Earth below us. The colours were spectacularly bold and bright. There is nothing like this above the clouds view to remind you that what we feel is so important is only a part of a whole different world.

This birds eye view of our planet makes me wish that I could go flying more often. Up high I can see a whole new viewpoint. I wonder why we fight over land, resources and possessions. I struggle a lot nowadays with that idea of the haves and have nots. What is sufficient for each of us to live a happy life? The sun still rises. So does the moon. The world turns. And eventually it’s our time to leave it all behind and fly to another level of existence.

Flying into the airport the moon peeped in and out of drifting clouds. A bright reminder that this planet is not the only lump of rock going around the sun.

I watched the neon lights below. Roads, cars, houses, petrol stations. Lots of snake trails of light across the land. The lights pulled me into the energy of busy lives. Even if most people were asleep by the time we were due to land at some point the rush to work, school, to be somewhere would click in. Like clockwork everyone would join in the hustle and bustle.

Gliding down, flying as if standing still, it all seemed so peaceful to me. I wondered what would happen if the ‘alarm clock’ never went off again. Could I adjust to a life where there was no rush? Where the only purpose was to ‘be’. I’ve been reading quite a bit about altered states of consciousness and the purpose of meditation for bringing us into the now. Mindfulness is bandied about a lot. But would the whole world really want it?

I feel that my time away has been full of living in the moment. Mostly doing what I wanted when I wanted. Enjoying each activity as it flowed through my day.

Yet I also recognise that I sometimes feel as if I have to fill my time. Flying in the night sky there was nothing I could do to change that experience. I wasn’t in control of the outcome. And I wonder if that is why we keep ourselves busy. Being on a journey from what I’ve just done to what I’m going to gives the illusion of control. Being in the moment I am directly experiencing not controlling. Somehow I find that a liberating thought.

Once again, going with the flow gave me the opportunity to have an experience that brought me deeper thoughts. In pausing, standing in the moment, I have had the opportunity to consider another point of view. My busy, almost pre programmed way of life has to be challenged every now and again. I have to check if I am living a happy life. For I would be saddened to get to an Afterlife review where I realised I’d missed the whole point of life after all!

Day 312 of my blogging challenge.

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