Fly free – Letting Loved ones go

imagePart of my work is about letting go. Helping people to send their loved ones on a new journey down a road that we can’t travel with them. Encouraging someone to fly free in one way or another. In my last post I shared some of my poetry, written to help me to release feelings that challenged me in some way. Poems about my Mum, Dad and daughter. I miss my Mum & Dad being here on the Earth with me. I’m sure they could offer me support about being a parent and having to push my child out of the nest. Each day of her life from babyhood she is moving a step closer to independence, to her own life choices, to making her life what she wishes for herself. She has to fly for herself. She has to be free. In the same way that my parents had to ensure I found my own freedom I have to let her go bit by bit.

There have been times when I wanted so much to pick up the phone to my Mum and ask what do I do now. Or see my Dad who always made me feel like I was still his little girl. The have both joined the rest of the family in the Spirit World and others have followed them since. We have to let our loved ones pass away. In fact we have no choice. It just happens, often when we feel least prepared for it to do so. We wish we had time to say one more thing, ask one more question or do something to show our love once more. We want to hold them close to us for as long as possible. We sometimes cling to our last conversation, last sighting, last moments. As if we can hold back the realisation that our world has changed forever.

Life does change though. In our beginning is written our ending. The door to the Spirit World is one we must all pass through. I talk about the Spirit World, bring messages from that world and give evidence from the Spirits who speak to me so that people can understand that there is another life, a new journey and a return to all of our loved ones. On this side of life we are setting our loved ones free not to an empty, cold place or to non-exisitance but to a vibrant and loving new life. And we will be joining them when it’s our turn to walk through that door. I love the quote by Paulo Coehlo

If you love someone, you must be prepared to set them free.

Sending our loved ones off with our blessing that they step joyfully into their new lives is a wonderful gift we can give them. We may be overwhelmed by our own grief at their passing but we can wish them a good journey.

Releasing them to the Spirit World can have surprising results. It is wonderful to talk to people who have been able to sense the presence of their loved ones, or get a sign or even a message. In my case I found that my Mum was working with me as a Guide. So I still have the loving connection with her that means I know when each person I care about is safe home in the Spirit World. I get the ‘gossip’ about what they are doing now as if they are still here on Earth. Our loving connections continue. When I was writing my poetry one of the things I focused on was what I loved about my Mum & Dad, as well as the good memories of precious moments, the laughter and the encouragement they gave me. I’m not a perfect person – neither were they – but some of my good bits come directly from the freedom they gave me. They got me out of the nest, flying free and making my life for myself.

So let yourself fly free, let your loved ones do so to. Remember the wonderful times you shared. The love isn’t over. You will meet up again but for now it’s time to journey on different paths.
Day 97 of my blogging challenge.

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