Flowing Through Full Moon Energy

It’s been a day of flowing high energy. The moon is full and affecting all of us more than usual. Perhaps that’s why there is confusion and uncertainty about the UK General Election.

But I decided early this morning to step back from the debate and discussion of what went right or wrong. I am sure that we are being asked to think deeply about our choices and who makes the key decisions in our lives. I also feel that this uncertainty is going to pull us, eventually, into talking instead of division. That’s the challenge now. To hold with a positive view that things will work out. The energy flowing from this election can be, like the full moon energy, a force that reveals the truth of our future. What I would like to see happen is that all sides finally recognise that we all have to live, work and thrive together. Dividing along any arbitrary lines will keep us stuck in uncertainty.

The benefit that the full moon energy brings to us is that it can boost our good intentions. If I set my thought to the desire for a good outcome for everyone the energy can amplify that wish. I can use the energy flowing through me to really boost anything that I require or desire. Manifesting will be much easier with the extra power of the full moon to back it up. So today I took some time to think about what I wanted next. Not just in the government but in my own life. Where am I going to? What else do I want to bring around me? What purpose would I like to serve with my next actions? I feel it’s important to be clear about my intentions. Because I’m not only asking for myself. I want to ensure positive energy is flowing out to all of those people I connect with.

Things will settle down in a bit. Some of the uncertainty will disappear. Life will go on. By using the full moon energy I hope to ensure that abundance is flowing towards all of us. How wonderful if we all help that intention too. Then election results wouldn’t matter. Because all of us would be wishing for the best for the whole world.

Day 564 of my blogging challenge 

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