Floating on the Energy

img_2284I’ve been floating through today. When I’m going to do any trance mediumship my energy is always boosted by my Guides. That’s because I need to be at a higher vibration to blend better with the Energy Beings who want to come through.

Floating is a lovely feeling. The day to day world can feel rather remote. Not the best day for me to try to complete some admin tasks. I feel like I’m in a meditative state that gets deeper and deeper. It’s amazing to think that this altered state is completely natural and that it’s something we can all experience. Of course I’m aware that I still have to live my life. I need to deal with all the practical things. Floating isn’t a way of opting out of responsibility for myself. Yet it is a way to understand what matters and what doesn’t.

When I raise my vibration through opening up to the extra energy flowing around me, I also shift my awareness. It’s like I’m seeing every thought or feeling from a distance. I have the chance to observe myself more clearly. And I can let things go more easily. Really floating means letting the low vibrational, negative energy pass me by. Paying no attention to the drama or turbulence within and around me. Meditation is great for shifting my focus. Deeper trance helps me to find a peaceful centre from which to operate.

I know that tomorrow I will be back fully in the world once more. I’ve done my trance demonstration and it’s time for most of the energy to dissipate. I have to float back down to Earth. The wonderful thing is I can continue to view things from a distance. It will be possible for me to remain in that peaceful place. Floating isn’t only about raising my energy vibration. It’s also about knowing I can ride out the energy I find myself in. I have a choice. I don’t need to be pulled in to anything that disrupts my peace.

It’s a great gift that my Guides have helped me to find.

Day 346 of my blogging challenge.

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