Flat Curves: Navigating The Bends Upward

flat curveI sat down to write this blog completely empty of inspiration. Feeling like I was in a flat curve. The kind of turn that creeps up on you unexpectedly. And then you realise the road is really turning upwards. So you have to steer carefully.

Mercury retrograde often feels like a flat curve to me. Because everything levels out. I feel like I’m at a halt. Or worse, sliding backwards. And I have no idea how I’m going to get moving forward again. It’s been one of those days. Listening to conversations all around me that echo old stuff. Watching people wander around unaware that they are throwing off angry, sad or fearful energy. Everyone stuck in their little world of negativity. That included me too for a short while. Having feelings is a human heritage. But sometimes I wish it was all love and light. When I also know that that is an unrealistic expectation. And the reality of the energy on the Earth makes me feel flat.

It’s at these points, when a bend in the road is coming up, that I have to jump in and take responsibility for my own energy. I am clearing a lot of the stuff that has held me back in the past. Waiting for the road to take me upwards. And sucked into an illusion that it isn’t. No wonder my past lives are haunting me too. Yet the road is curving around the next bend. Although I can’t see what is coming up after I turn the corner I know that there are opportunities for a different life experience. So long as I pay attention to how I am driving myself forward. As long as I keep the positive energy flowing. And my heart committed to exploring the next adventure. This may be a flat curve. I might be unable to work out what’s coming up. But I’m in charge of how it makes me feel. And what options I have.

Often it’s at this point that I recognise I’m moving up to a higher level of experiencing. All of my experiences have brought me to this flat bend so I can navigate it safely. And have a better future up ahead of me. When you get to the curve, whichever way it bends, rebalance and drive on. Drive onwards and upwards. A new beginning is waiting for you.

Day 991 of my blogging challenge

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