Finding Dory, Finding Family

imageFor the third time in as many weeks I was back in Leeds today. Time for more shopping and a day out as a family.

Finding mum and daughter time between work, education and all the normal stuff of everyday life can be hard. I was determined to spend some time with my daughter before she disappears back into college for the rest of the year. Since she needed some things for the start of her course a trip out became the plan. On the train we sorted out the list of shopping. We also sorted out where we might get what we needed. Though I knew our first stop would be coffee and a cake. One of my little treats, lol.

As I wandered around the shops with her it was interesting to notice how much she has retained her ability to do her own thing. Even when she was small she always picked what clothes she wanted to wear. The fashions around at the moment got a bit of a thumbs down too. So I was secretly relieved that we did find a couple of things she did want to wear. However, before we got into any serious shopping I remembers a discussion I’d had with someone a couple of days ago. They were talking about the Disney/Pixar film Finding Dory. My daughter loved Finding Nemo. Was trip to the cinema on the cards?

Fortunately there was a cinema in the centre of Leeds showing the movie. We hurried off. Finding the cinema was our challenge.

I sat in the movie delighted that once again Pixar had done brilliantly. Both of us had laughed and cried. There had been a reminder of our trip to Disneyland Paris. Best of all, I got to spend some off planet time with the person who I care about most. And we both decided in our post film critique that the story was very spiritual. I don’t know quite when my daughter started to understand the back story from a spiritual perspective. She had always been a thoughtful, observant girl. I remember I sat with her as a young child as we watched Studio Ghibli films. She would get to the heart of the story immediately.

Today we talked about finding our true nature, our family and our abilities. I know it’s easy to forget that I am unique. Time after time the voice inside my head tells me to put myself down. I know one of the hardest things is to remember what you can offer to the world. It’s even harder telling myself that I have to do what I’m good at. All sorts of things have happened to me to make me feel and think that I can’t be good at anything. That’s were a strong family connection can help. We talked about that. Our family isn’t only the blood relatives we have. I’m pleased to say my daughter has a much wider definition of family. Both of us have had the love and support of people who started as friends but who are now definitely family.

That’s what it’s all about. I know life is about finding connections to other people. Positive connections that keep you afloat when the seas of life are rough.

Positive connections that I’m sure will help bring out the best in me. I am very fortunate to have a family who want me to be the best me I can be. Not by their expectations. But because they love me warts and all. I have found acceptance and understanding within my family. My daughter and I often talk about when you find your tribe. I love every member of my tribe family. I love them warts and all. How wonderful that the films young children are watching now contain such positive messages. I could, of course, be cynical and say that’s what sells movies. Yet how wonderful that parents are wanting their children to see movies that are uplifting and spiritual. I hope those adults of the future watching Finding Dory today will remember to be unique, loving and most of all, find their tribe.

Day 288 of my blogging challenge.

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