Feet firmly on the ground!

imageToday has been a bit of a rest day in some ways. Putting my feet up. I’ve spent the last two days firmly connected to higher vibrational energy so that I could do a lot of channelling. That has only been possible because I’m used to doing so. Back on the ground, my feet firmly planted, for a while it was time to take it easy.

One of the things people often misunderstand is that connecting with Energy Beings requires me to shift my energy levels. They ‘live’ at a different vibrational speed than human beings. I have a body that vibrates in keeping with the general energy of the planet. To connect with them and be able to exchange info I have to increase the vibration I am living in.  In the beginning they also have to slow down so we can talk comfortably. Developing your personal energy means that at some point I can ‘speed up’ enough that they don’t have to slow down. Talking becomes easier. The info comes through in more detail.

Vibrating at a faster rate puts a strain on my physical body. It’s become accustomed to ploding along. So being sensible is very important when developing. That’s why it takes a long time. I have had to take my body to the psychic gym to tone up my intuitive muscles so they generate more energy. At the same time I’ve also got to keep my connection with the energy place I live. So keeping my feet connected to the Earth is like an anchor. It stops me drifting away or getting lost in that higher vibration.

Having my feet on the ground is also important as a ‘reality check’. I want to be sure that making these connections is a useful way to spend my energy.

It would be easy to get caught up in the excitement of chatting with Energy Beings and forget that I have a life too. Especially as the way time flows is very different when I am running on higher energy. The temptation is to stay in that space and forget the ordinary things. Like eating. I actually eat much less when my body is going faster. Or having chats with other people. I’m tempted to be a hermit when I’m ‘up there’. So I find it really important to check in with my everyday life and limit my adventures in channelling. It’s all about balance.

Understanding that is important too as I can’t carry negative energy and still expect to visit higher energy levels. Grounding out, in other words, letting go of low vibrational energy like fear, anger, anxiety or grief is vital. Working in higher vibrations also shakes loose low energy. My attention automatically gets drawn to stuck vibrations. Then I need to take action to release them. Or to get help letting them be released. Part of my development has been to teach myself how to let go of emotions. That’s why I had a reflexology treatment from Caroline at the Centre this afternoon. Stuff that had surfaced  over the last two days of channelling was tidied up. More loose ends gone.

All the clearing left me fresh as a daisy. I could go on to my next energy work at a Spiritualist church this evening knowing the connections would be strong.

Once again on my feet giving messages, the higher vibrations doing the work of connecting me, I could bring hope and comfort from loved ones. I believe each contact I make is about bringing understanding and acceptance of another life after death. It’s a form of healing. Or a way I can help someone carrying a burden. Shifting my energy for such a good purpose is worth it. I also benefit though. I’m not holding on to energy that I no longer need. I’m living more and more in the moment. It’s a great freedom to be concerned with only this moment, with what I feel right now. The gift I get back from the Energy Beings for making my connections to them.

Do something each day to make sure you are keeping your feet on the ground. Be open to your intuitive senses each day so that you can get help and support. Live in the balance that is the moment and enjoy each one.

Day 237 of my blogging challenge.

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