Feeling the Spirit Burn Within

img_2239I’ve been feeling the burn today in more ways than one. Through exercises, walking and shamanic work I’ve been tuning into my body so that I can connect with my Spirit.

For a little while now I’ve been doing some physical training sessions to improve my general wellbeing. Today I also added in a two mile walk dropping off  then picking up my car from the garage. The walks were a great way to burn off some extra energy. And also to be amongst the trees by the river for a while. I often find I’m joined by ArchAngel Shimea when I’m out in Nature. He loves to point out perky little flowers still bright amongst the fall of autumn leaves. Or the way the river takes on the sheen of peat from the moors. If I have my camera he often shows me orbs. My body feels revitalised from the Earth connections too.

The awareness of my physical presence in the world is enhanced by this connection to the Earth. So much so that when I exercise and feel the stretch or pull on my muscles I am reminded of that same process in the land too. The tectonic plates move, the Earth moves, land rises and sinks. The Earth reshape herself bit by bit every day. When I am present in my body I am ready to be all that I came here to be. I am prepared to do what I planned. I can accept myself as human and here. That is when I can turn my attention to the connection with my Spirit.

Today, using sound and flame, I tuned in to the promptings of my Higher Self.

Embracing my physical body and all it’s sensations I meditated on the sound of my heartbeat. Listening to a drum beat whilst I watched the dancing flames I felt the Earth beneath me. Allowing my mind to focus on the flames I became still enough to notice the promptings of my intuitive senses. It was as if the flame could burn away that part of me that refuses to let go of fear. The ego mind fights hard to exist in us as it fears we will die without it’s promptings. So it uses fear to push us into ignoring those inner promptings.

Holding to my desire to embrace and release any fear, pain or hurt I let these surface into my conscious mind. I reminded myself self that we have a lovely planet. I reminded myself that I have a lovely body. And I reminded myself that I am, always and ever, an eternal Spirit. Staying in the moment I repeated those thoughts out loud. I made them into an affirmation and repeated them over for a while. A feeling of peace filled my body. I mean that I felt it physically. My body became relaxed in a way that is difficult to describe. I knew I had meshed, however briefly, with my Spirit. That it was the being sensing the physicality of the world more fully.

When the body, mind and emotions are in balance then my Spirit will flow into a more consistent existence with me. It will shine through my human nature and change how I am in the world. I believe that is at the heart of the ascension process. Once we all start trying to shine more Light we can burn away the old fear patterns that prevent us from being at one with our planet. That is the future I’m looking forward to.

Day 338 of my blogging challenge. 

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