Feeling out of sorts

imageWhen I was growing up my Nana had a favourite saying for those days when nothing quite fitted. She would tell me I must be feelings out of sorts. She meant that I wasn’t sick, though an out of sorts day was often the run up to being ill, but I wasn’t feeling quite right. Or balanced. And that I didn’t know why. She was right. Even now when I have a day that seems to be slightly off key I remind myself that it’s ok, I must be feeling out of sorts. It’s a useful saying because it covers all sorts of situations and events.

This morning someone wanted to be served before me though it was my turn. Then a couple of people I said hello to were a bit cranky back. There was the man who insisted in being in front of me crossing the road. And the lady who frowned and told me off because I had offered her a leaflet. People were ever so slightly off balance. My smile got me more frowns than smiles in return. Even though the sun was shining it was as if everyone had got out of the wrong side of the bed today. There were a lot of Mr & Mrs Grumpy’s around – including me. It’s as if my brain decided it had really had enough so it had wandered off to find somewhere quiet to hide. Even the computer & mouse protested about having to work.

Sometimes the whole energy of the planet is out of sorts. We might not know why but we do feel the difference. After all we are part of the Earth’s aura too. The why might be so hidden under layers of other energy that we can’t find the answer no matter how hard we look. Perhaps the planet or all the humans on it are about to have a bout of illness. Not necessarily physical symptoms but we may be responding to the energy of our home planet as changes take place. I always feel that we are experiencing the impact of global warming or the planetary shift in axis or the changing activity in the solar system on these out of sorts days. For whatever reason we feel out of sorts it’s important to recognise it. When we do notice the feeling we have a chance of doing something about it. Ignoring the feeling and carrying on sending out grumpy energy only adds to the general out of sortsness.

One of the things I happened to be doing today was a meditation group. I run this every Thursday as a way of encouraging people to take a little time out for themselves. I let my Guides inspire me with what the meditation ends up being because they will identify what each participant needs & give me the words to make it happen. They also contribute their energy so that the space is full of healing. I also enjoy taking part in the meditation too as I am always gifted uplifting energy. Today we did a tree meditation (not surprising since my Guides reminded me of them in yesterday’s blog). Connecting with another being who shares the planet with us gave me an opportunity to check in with my out of sorts feeling. Although the tree was getting the same out of sorts energy he was able to offer me shelter, safety and a peaceful space out of our time for a few moments. I came back to myself feeling much more in sorts, peaceful about the out of balance energy and aware that I could remain balanced within myself.

I know it’s hard to find a balance when you aren’t really sure why you are out of balance. Whatever you have been feeling today remember that you have also been responding to the energy around you. The best way to feel more positive is to centre, ground and balance yourself. In fact, if we all took a few moments to do that we might find we understood why there was a collective feeling of being out of sorts. Then we could change whatever energy was driving the out of sorts feeling. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to change the feeling of the whole world in a day?

Day 122 of my blogging challenge.

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