Feeling All Full Moon Jittery!

The moon is approaching full. I’m feeling jittery. The surge of energy to help me manifest my dreams is stirring up the things that need to be released too.

That jittery feeling started some time this morning. I was busy sorting out the things I want to keep in my Centre. Having a big physical clear out in other words. Looking at some of the items I found it hard to put them on the ‘leaving me’ pile. I was tempted to hang on. Later in the day as I juggled furniture around I thought about how much I seem to need. How many chairs can I sit on at once? Or cups to drink tea from? Why do I keep papers from years ago? Especially as I never look at them. Or the box of bits and pieces from my desk drawer. Too many pens, pencils, drawing pins and paper clips.

I think that’s when I first noticed the jittery feeling. Located somewhere at the top of my stomach. A kind of ‘I don’t like this’ feeling. The thought with it was ‘keep it as you might need it’. As if all this physical stuff could somehow connect me to myself. Of course what we surround ourselves with is an expression of our taste. And what appeals to us. Or is pleasing. Even comfortable. The feeling seemed to be about making myself more solid if I surrounded my self with these things. I wondered for a moment if I’d been making myself invisible again. Had I slipped out of this world into another time and space? Or was a scared that I would if I stopped holdiing onto physical possessions? Could that be it?

Full moon is always a time of noticing for me. I wanted to understand what the jittery feeling was stirring up.

I went to sit down in my healing room. Quietly searching my thoughts and feelings. Tracking back through my morning to see where the feeling first started. I had been trying to catch up with myself in my Passion Planner. There is a section to review each month but I haven’t even thought about April yet. Nearly a week of May has gone already. Looking at the Planner I remember thinking ‘but I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing yet’. How could I ask for all sorts of abundance if I had no idea what I wanted. After that I walked away and started sorting things out. That’s when the jittery feeling got my attention.

I love using new moon energy to ask for what I require and desire. Then I use the full moon Ā as the turning point to switch into releasing what is no longer useful. Here I was getting rid in a manifesting phase. It seemed a bit like putting the cart before the horse[. I was scared that I was scrambling my energy requests. Once I got to that point I realised that I could let that jittery feeling go. I’m well on with manifesting everything I’ve asked for. The fact that there is nothing I require right now is a positive. I’m sure there will be more that I desire but it’s good to feel content with where I’m at right now. Especially after all the turbulence of the last year.

This evening I watched the sun go down and the moon come up. I was up on the moor near my home. It was so very peaceful. As the moon beamed her light down on me I felt grafteful for my jitters. They reminded me how much I have available to me right now. šŸ’œ

Day 529 of my blogging challengeĀ 

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