Fear destroys peace

imageToday is another challenging day. Bomb attacks in Brussels have sparked fear, confusion and anger. Families are coping with loss, shock and uncertainty as their loved ones died or were seriously injured.  Bystanders caught up in a war of fear. How we respond to fear will set the course of the actions we take in future.

I don’t generally choose to discuss politics or religion because these are our man made conditions. They are part of the ‘reality’ we have restricted our human lives with. It has taken me long discussions with my Guides to make that choice as I’m often asked why a Divine Goodness would allow such violent things to happen. Why are there ‘unnecessary’ deaths. It takes a lot of soul searching to understand that every death brings a choice right in front of us. That choice is to descend into fear – it could be me next, it could be someone I love next – or to understand that we can work harder to hold onto peace.

Peace is a precious gift. It arises out of unconditional love for self and others. It is a state that removes judgement, doubt, dislike and hate of others from our thoughts and feelings. When innocent people are taken from us by others who say they have a justifiable right to harm anyone in their firing line it is easy to react with anger. We can build the perpetrators into demons – people who have stepped so outside of normal human behaviour that they are no longer people to us. They become targets of hate and, through the continued fear of more attacks, are able to destroy our peace of mind. In judging them we set ourselves up for more hate filled responses. The cycle of violence spirals on and on. Fear drives us more and more to extreme measures.

How do we find peace again? How do we recognise that fear drives hate which drives more extreme acts? How do we stop this dreadful game that plays into the hands of people who believe death is the only way to achieve acceptance by the very Divine Goodness they say they worship? The strongest response to these acts designed to create fear is to remain fearless. To recognise that death awaits us all. To know that every moment of life is precious and better spent in love than fear. One day we will all have to let go of this earthly life. We are here for a limited time only. If we can spend as much time as possible loving and being loved then we can leave with a heart full of peace. Better to live a life full on with love than cower in the shadow of fear. I am sending out healing, positive and peaceful energy for all of the people involved in today’s events in the hope that the choice they make in future will be peace not fear.

Day 127 of my blogging challenge. 

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