Family & Friendship: A Perfect End To May

I may be a little late with today’s blog. I’ve been on a day out with my daughter. All thanks to one friend. But also giving me the chance to catch up with another.

I have several family birthdays in May. One of which is my daughter’s. I count my lovely friend Fiona as family too. It was her birthday recently as well. So when my friend Zara told me that there was a train service from Halifax to London operated by Grand Central Rail I took a look at their prices. Amazingly, with advanced booking, I could get my daughter and I down to London for a very, very reasonable price. Too much of a bargain to miss. I booked the tickets as a birthday present for my daughter and contacted Fiona to see if we could all meet up. One again it all worked perfectly and we managed a meal together.

Sitting with two of my favourite people it got me thinking. Time may pass but the bonds I’ve made with some people are incredibly strong. I love that there are some people in my life I think fondly of yet don’t see regularly for one reason or another. Yet when we meet it feels like there has been no gap in time at all. I was reminded of the way in which the loved ones from Spirit come in. They always talk to the people here as if no time has passed. Yet it may be years and years. What impresses me is that they are so clearly still keeping tabs on their families and friends. They talk about what is happening in the person’s life right now. With loving concern they ask to be allowed to help with what is happening. And they remind their loved ones that they still care.

I’ve had a quieter May for services and messages. With the chance to take more time for me. But also more time for my loved ones here.

We’ve had a family wedding which was a great reunion for a fab celebration. Birthdays to send good wishes. Spending a day with my auntie yesterday even if it was in A & E. Then a trip that was a perfect day. Along the way I’ve been able to catch up with plenty of friends. At times I’ve also felt the presence of my loved ones from the Spirit side making May a joyful month for me. Perhaps that’s the balance I needed? Serving the other people from the Spirit side by passing on messages is a rewarding experience. But it can be a responsibility too. I feel that this month I have been given back what I’ve given to others.

I’m grateful for the return of such positive energy. As well as for the love and support of my family and friends on both sides of life. It’s a blessing I can focus on when my life is going through stormy waters. Because this has been another perfect day to tuck away in my memories. There is nothing I would change about it. If it were to be my last I would be at peace. That may be the best thing of today. What if I can make every day into a perfect day for me. Not the usual, definition of perfect. But my definition. A day when I can be around people I care about. Sharing laughter and memories. Enjoying the moment, every moment. Bliss!

Day 555 of my blogging challenge 

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